No point in I$raHell-Palestine talks

Interview with E. Michael Jones
Press TV has conducted an interview with E. Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars Magazine, about the acting Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas once again warning against Israel’s illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.
Press TV: Mr. Jones, first of all, just how serious is Mahmoud Abbas in his words, in his threatening words and of course how much is there that he can do?
Jones: Well I think he has to go back to the understanding of the creation of Israel. The creation of Israel, there is a forum here, what played they would call a forum, a principle that guides the whole … [entity] in its development.

And Israel was created by theft of land, by Poles who could not speak Hebrew, Yiddish speaking Poles who showed up with machine guns, fired on innocent children and stole the property from the natives.

So if that is your founding principle, how are you going to argue about expanding that principle or following that principle to its logical conclusion which is basically taking more and more land from the Palestinians?
I do not understand how that’s supposed to work.
Press TV: But I mean the fact that Palestine is now a UN observer, how much would that help it to approach this case legally?
Jones: I think you need a real evaluation of the whole strategy of dealing with Israel in terms of its progress or encroachment on Palestinian lands and I am not exactly sure how that would come about but I mean this bit by bit negotiation of “do not do this” or “we will pull back here and we will expand there”, it has not worked.
You need a real evaluation of a … [entity] that was based on ethnic cleansing, on murder and on theft of lands to begin with.
Just to give you some indication of this, Jacob Nammar, a Palestinian Catholic just wrote a memoir about a year ago about his experiences there. This is an ancient family that lived in Jerusalem for centuries. They had a whole neighborhood named after them and he was dispossessed and no one even talks about this as the beginning of the Zionist entity there in Palestine.
So it seems to me you have to deal with these basic facts in order to put any negotiations in this proper prospective.
Press TV: The interesting part is that with regards to the settlements we are seeing that the land, the character of the land, it is changing gradually. So at the end of the day, what is there left for the Palestinians?

 Nothing. The whole program of ethnic cleansing is part of the constitution of the … [entity] of Israel. They back off,  … but that is the whole point of Zionism. It is this kind of racist appropriation of other people’s land and unless you address that I just do not see the point of these peace negotiations.

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