A request from Matan Cohen.

Please distribute widely, and consider helping financially.

Dear friends,

On 19 November, the Tel Aviv District Court ruled against me in thelawsuit regarding my injury during a protest in the West Bank inFebruary, 2006. (I was shot, together with 14 others, with severalbullets, one of which hit my eye, and partially blinded me).

Not only that, the judge also ruled I pay some 78.000NIS (20k) incompensation, as they deemed it a “frivolous lawsuit.”

I did not expect justice from an apartheid regime, nor did I receiveany. Still we must use whatever mean are available to us even in thiscorrupt system to fight this fine.

As we stand to appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court, in the next 10days, we urgently require 30.000NIS ($9k)- the deposit demanded forthe appeal.

If we don’t have it in the next few days, we won’t be able to appeal.What is requested right now is a bridge-loan, as we have some moneythe Israeli Army is withholding, and we expect to receive in the nextfew weeks, at which point the loan could be repaid.

While feeling down personally at the moment, this case only reaffirmsmy belief that It’s up to all of us to put an end to it.

In solidarity,


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