NHS chiefs pocket £166 MILLION in bonuses – while nurses suffer 1% pay cut


The Mirror.


The rise, 36% up on £122million the year before, could have paid for an extra 4,000 nurses – Jeremy Hunt has been accused of snatching cash of frontline workers

Sir David Nicholson

Lavish: Former NHS boss Sir David Nicholson

Nurses, midwives and other carers battered by David Cameron’s assault on NHS wages are night furious at revelations their bosses’ pay packets have risen by 36%.

Senior managers pocketed £166million in bonuses and other extras last year – as the Tory-led Coalition slashes £20billion in costs from the beleaguered service.

That is up 36% from £122million the year before.

The rise, on top of their annual salaries, could have paid for an extra 4,000 nurses, who have suffered a 1% cut.

The shock figures, seen by the Mirror, sparked outrage – with staff accusing Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt of paying the wages by snatching cash off struggling frontline workers.

Jon Skewes, of the Royal College of Midwives, said: “This is a slap in the face to midwives and maternity support workers.

“Enough is enough.

“These figures show Jeremy Hunt has given above and beyond to senior NHS managers and taken away from midwives and other overstretched frontline staff.

“He could have used this money to pay midwives a fair increase but instead he gave it to top managers.”

NHS: Pay

Campaign group Cure the NHS, which exposed the lack of nurses that contributed to the Stafford Hospital deaths scandal, also attacked the rises.

Founder Julie Bailey said: “NHS managers are already paid well enough. The public will be very unhappy with this.

“In times of austerity it doesn’t seem that we are ‘all in this together’ as people seem to suggest.”

Unison union’s head of health Christina McAnea added: “Once again the top earners look after ­themselves.

“The value of health workers’ pay has fallen by as much as 14%. Some members are resorting to food banks for help.

“If managers are worth an increase then staff on the ground are worth it too.”

The figures, from the Health and Social Care ­Information Centre, reveal 10,000 NHS managers ­pocketed an average of £6,596 on top of their basic salary of £78,000 in the last 12 months – up 41% on the year before.

Another 25,000 got an extra £3,956 each, a 35% rise to boost their £49,000 salaries.

nursing staff dispensing drugs

Anger: The bonuses could have paid for 4,000 more nurses

But nurses’ non-basic pay was £3,892, down 1% on the previous year. Midwives earned £4,823 – a 2% drop.

Health visitors were hit by a 7% fall leaving them with £932 in non-basic pay.

The Department of Health said non-basic pay included “a whole category of payments, such as ­overtime, redundancy, bonuses and clinical ­excellence awards”.

It insisted some of the 36% rise would have been in payoffs for axed posts.

But separate figures obtained by the Mirror showed the number of NHS bosses remained static last year.

DoH spokesman said: “Managers’ pay should be subject to greater restraint than frontline staff.

“We are working with NHS England to make sure this happens.”

New NHS boss Simon Stevens ordered a clampdown on lavish spending after figures this week showed nine health chiefs blew almost £200,000 last year on fine dining and hotels.

His ­predecessor Sir David Nicholson claimed £32,000.

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