Newt Gingrich, an Invented Fake American

Newt Gingrich for Sale to Highest Bidder

A Con Man’s Con Puts America On Collision Course for 21st Century War in Middle East Ignoring Main Street Interests

by Johnny Punish

Yesterday, U.S. Presidential candidate and GOP front runner Newt Gingrich boldly proclaimed to his Zionist assigns that “Palestinians are an invented people“. 

Of course being a Palestinian American in the Diaspora who’s mother happened to be born in Haifa Palestine (1939), I naturally, on a personal level, took offence. Heck wouldn’t you?  He dissed my mother!  And in America, that’s a call out.  So if you don’t mind, when I see Newt in person, I will be punching him in nose and telling him that he’s a bully that belongs in the marginalized corner for the socially unacceptable.

But that’s just me in defense of my family.  My personal feelings aside, Newt the Bold and his proclamation really opens up a discussion on American foreign policy in the Middle East and the benefits to the American people.

But before we go there, let’s put this on the table.

The number one priority for the USA is the USA. It’s jobs and economy.  It’s America!  Not Israel!  Agreed?

SO what’s with the facisination with Israel; a place populated by a few million people halfway around the world?  And why do American politicians seems to think that Israel is our number one priority? What does Israel have to do with jobs and our lives on main street in America?

Like all Americans, I am asking what the hell is going on?

Watch Newt Cowtow to Zionist Money

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Well, with AIPAC looming over Washington DC like an alien space ship spreading stupid gas on our political system, there is simply no hope that any U.S. politician can survive their attack.  We are dealing with the most aggressive virus to infect America ever!

Now with Israel already getting the most aid from U.S. Taxpayers than any other country in the world and with NO real genuine benefit to the 310 million Americans who pay for this robbery of the national wealth, Americans better

start paying attention because this robbery is going on while we continue to suffer through unemployment, the systematic and deliberate devolution of our middle classes, and a general loss of credibility across the world rendering the

U.S. impotent in both real political influence and cultural significance.

In short, We are being robbed by men in suits.  They are are selling us a bag of shit telling us it’s gourmet faire.  It was okay when we were at least robbed politely but now they are doing it in our face and then telling us to piss off to boot.  Not cool folks!

Moreover, this B.S. about the promised land was cute and a nice story.  Heck even I liked the that sales pitch from these atheist posing as good Christians because it was always fuzzy and comfy.  Thanks for that security blanket.

I mean its’ always good to believe in some other world and hope for a messiah to save us.  I mean who does not want to be “saved”?

But now this dirty pitch is getting out of hand and it’s costing the real lives of real people in the here and now!  And that’s NOT responsible.  That’s reckless.  So shelve the pitch and save it for some other day.  I have kids to feed okay!

I mean that ridiculous pitch says nothing to us about our real lives here in 21st century America.

We live under a government that no longer represents our interests run by policians and their sponsors who are investing their proceeds of a crime all over the world and not in our own communities.  It’s straight up B.S.

I mean with unemployment effectively over 20%, cuts in real social services nationwide, a lower standard of education, embarrassing homelessness that makes us # 1 in that category, and growing real poverty in our communities, we need our monies invested in our communities, not on fanatical wars in places far far away.  This is crazy!  While our economy continues to suffer at the hands of the banksters and globalists posing as American politicians who have robbed the American taxpayer blind, we have to live with the likes of Newt and his assigns who steal from us creating havoc for the worlds peoples.

This is America 2011.  What the hell does Israel have to do with our lives anyway?  Absolutely nothing!  What is the rational to back them anyway?  Democracy?  Salvation?  Fear? What?  How many jobs does Israel create for us?  Heck, they are not even in the top 20 trading partners with the USA.   Canada, China, and Mexico are 1,2,3…..get it.  Invest in our future, not in fantasy!

As with poor ole Newt for Sale, well, he’s willing to go all in and take America from quasi-honest broker to all the way in favor of a Zionist Israel without regard to the millions of Palestinians who actually live in Israel proper, the West Bank, and Gaza. This is straight up reckless.

Heck, this maniac is putting Israeli’s in peril as well as Palestinians.  In fact, this reckless approach puts Newt in a new strata of American politician.  He’s the new 21st Century Washington guy in a suit who steals from you with his

hand in your pocket while he smiles at you and asks “hey buddy, what’s for dinner?”.  Nothing covert about Newt the Con Man.  Nope, he really is a con man’s con.

Now I do remember the days before Newt the Political Streetwalker.  Yeah, American politicians who aspired to the presidency at the very least pretended to be honest brokers.  Heck, some were truly honorable men who really tried to

aspire to justice for all mankind. But this guy clearly is NOT going in that direction. He’s a sociopath; plain and simple!

Nope, Newt, that mentally and physically obese global political whore is going 100% all out against the whole world and putting the Palestinian people on a collision course with war against the Israeli military paid for by the U.S.

Taxpayer.  Worse, by proxy, the U.S. military who will eventually be called upon to pre-emptively strike against any nation that stands up to coming finishing off genocide of the Palestinian people.

Remember, these so-called “invented people” have no army, no guns, no jobs.  These are NOT powerful indigenous peoples yet he wants to denounce them as “invented”, as persona non-grata, so that he can wipe them out as if they were worthless faceless human.  He’s straight psychotic!  He’s a terrorist!

Think about it.  This psycho-garbage is coming to us from an “Invented American” Newt who’s ancestors came to America where they systematically took North America from the “invented” indigenous peoples.  Yes, the same Newt that has the gall to call Palestinians “invented” is the same Newt who is actualy invented

But is that so shocking?  Hell no!  It’s par for the course!

This is the same guy who was mouthing off on Bill Clinton with the most horrible name calling for having his sexual liaison with Monica Lewinsky.  yeah, he called for his impeachment while he, the more moral upstanding Newt, was having an affair behind the back of his wife who was suffering through cancer.  Good job jack-ass!  Dood, you need to get punched out!

I mean this guy is way better than any con men I have ever cross paths with in my years running in the halls of a Las Vegas casino life.

He’s got balls! This guy is the con man’s con.  A hero among the psychotic predators.

On the surface, you gotta love the boldness of his psychosis. And it would be funny if it was not going to affect millions of men, women and children.  I mean, heck who does not enjoy a good grift in the movies right?  But we don’t like it real life do we?  Hell no!

So really this is absolutely NOT funny.  It’s deadly serious and this ain’t no movie.  This sicko wants to be President of the USA.  He’s a dangerous man.

For Israeli’s and Palestinians, he must be stopped.  But much more important, for Americans, this sellout and pillager of the U.S. Taxpayer, he and his kind my be arrested and jailed before they commit more crimes against humanity.

For Newt the Atheist posing as a Christian is a direct danger to liberty, justice and pursuit of happiness; not only for Americans but the whole world.  He belongs in jail, not the oval office.

As for his global sponsors?  Well those dark suited psychotic predators in shades standing behind all the Newts, well someone get a fly swatter.

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