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Sorry about not blogging yesterday.  It was the last day of the rifle hunting season and I could not pass it up.
Uqab Saqr will not be alive much longer.  Read this if you want to know why:
Arabi Souri sends this about the King Rat.  He was named Buzzard Falcon by his cuckold father:
Great article to tickle your curiosity about the info-war in Syria.  In truth, we are not having any difficulty with the gadgets the U.S. might be giving the rats:
In the same vein, take a gander at this article about Iran’s jamming technology.  We have it in Syria, by the way:
And here’s more about the infowar.  But don’t believe the NYT:
John Esquire contributes to the reports about the internet in Syria with two insightful articles:
Besides being the most racist president this country ever had, he is also a war criminal:
U.S. public hypocrisy comes through no matter what the medium.  “And if you don’t stop building those
settlements, we’ll cut off your annual schmaltz deliveries”, says an angry Hillary Clinton:
This article from the NYT should be read only because it is pure, unadulterated propaganda from a Zionist rag.  The intel we are getting is completely different and ours comes from “real” people there:
This is proof positive that Hamas is an Israeli front organization:
We can confirm that 23 Lebanese rats were captured in an ambush. When the Syrian NCO was heard calling Military Intelligence, the rodents tried to escape and were shot to a man.  They were all from the Tripoli area and were Salafists:
What difference does it make?  He’s been clinically dead for twenty years.  Good riddance to bad rubbish we always say:
Global Research tells the truth.  But the Americans and French are failing:
Some of you might be warned that this article could have you barfing up your breakfast:
Thought-provoking article from Global Research about a nexus between Gaza and Syria:
If this bogus story turns out to be true, this Dr. Khan must be executed as a spy and terrorist-enabler. No mercy for this rat!
More evidence of Obama’s war crimes in this video showing typical Jihadist behavior.  Not for the squeamish:
Morsi admits an affinity for ape movies.  Is it possible he’s just saying that to get more money from Prince Fatso, the biggest ape of all?  This is from John Esquire:
Absolutely fantastic expose from Arabi Souri to SyrPer.
Arabi Souri has left a new comment on your postSECOND POST – NOVEMBER 28, 2012 – FIRST MEETING OF…“:
You know Khaled Oweis who is Reuters bureau head in Damascus is one of the main reasons why the Syrian state decided to expel all foreign media out of Syria to preserve the truth there?
He was detained at the beginning of the events after a report he made from Daraa interviewing an injured soldier and putting words in the fainting soldier’s mouth, soldiers says in weak voice: ‘We were shot at from the side of protesters’, Oweis repeats in higher voice: ‘Your officer shot at you because you refused to shoot at protesters?’ soldier trying to gather his strength: ‘No, the protesters were shooting at us’., Oweis repeats again: ‘So the officer was from the security and not your commander?’ and the interview was aired with Oweis’s voice only on Al Jazeera, Arabiya et al.
Well, Oweis’s bad luck was the presence of none else than the Syrian state TV cameraman who caught the conversation on video and when he saw the twisted version he delivered the tape to the ministry of information and they aired it on Syrian state satellite tv channel comparing both. I think it was in early April 2011, I saw it then. Immediately Oweis was arrested, detained for a couple of days before the entire ‘free’ world carried out a campaign to release the ‘journalist’ and so was done, but he and all the other foreign journalists were released from Syria with him.
He never stopped and you can read from his reports on Reuters, reporting from Amman, Jordan from the language of his reports you see how he takes sides, totally unprofessional journalist and a very bad dirty stain in Reuters history.

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