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Once again, I’d like to highlight a few recent news items from the Jewish press. You can really learn a lot reading the Jewish press, and gain a deeper insight into the true nature of organized Jewry, as we’ll see here.
Gary Osen, writing in The Times of Israel, argues that journalists are in fact military targets, but only when they are documenting the crimes of and resisting the usurping, illegitimate Jewish state occupying Palestine. Anyone resisting the terrorist state of “Israel”, intellectually, physically, or both, is a “terrorist” and a legitimate target according to this barbaric tyrant.

Added to the usual chorus of criticism directed at Israeli military operations generally, the recently concluded Operation Pillar of Defense has spawned a relatively novel charge: that Israel deliberately targeted journalists covering the conflict in Gaza. […]
Journalists have long understood that their reporting from conflict zones often has real-time impact on the conflict itself by informing decision-makers and impacting worldwide public opinion. What advocates for freedom of the press need to understand is that terrorist organizations are no longer content to feed reporters information and images. They no longer seek to shape and manipulate the news cycle; they are themselves content-providers actively working to broadcast and publish their views as part of a holistic approach to asymmetrical warfare.
In short, whether the IDF targeted terrorist leader Muhammed Abu Shamala as it contends, or Hamas operative and Al Aqsa TV cameraman, Hussam Salama as Hamas claims, human rights groups cannot retain credibility by describing strikes on Al Aqsa TV or its personnel as “the targeting of journalists.” In doing so, they unwittingly aid terrorist organizations like Hamas in their concerted effort to transform journalism into warfare by other means.

Does this same standard apply to the Jewish-owned Western media?  Western news outlets, including The New York Times and Associated Press, literally publish CIA-Mossad-MI6 talking points and directives as if this represents “investigative journalism”.  Western news outlets do nothing except promote the interests and cover up the crimes of the most elite criminals in the world.  If any new outlets or journalists qualify as terrorists, it’s those “reporting” for Western news agencies.
The Jewish Telegraph Agency recently published an op-ed titled “Take that, Henry Ford! Car company goes from anti-Semitic founder to new Jewish COO,” written by Rabbi Jason Miller, gloating over the fact that Ford Motor Co. has been formally taken over by Jews:

It’s no secret that Henry Ford was a notorious anti-Semite, and his company’s dealings with the Nazi Party during the Holocaust are well documented. But the company’s story has changed drastically in recent years.
The Ford family’s donation of a rare 500-year-old Torah scroll to a suburban Detroit synagogue and the appointment of a Jewish chief operating officer demonstrate a marked shift in the company’s narrative when it comes to the Jewish community.
The shift really began in the late 1940s when Ford’s grandson Henry Ford II took over the company and began hiring minorities, but it would take many more decades before Jewish executives were hired as officers. Mervyn Manning became the first Jewish officer of Ford when he became vice president in 1977.
During those years, Ford II already had started a period of repentance through action as the friend of such notable Jewish philanthropists as Max Fisher, making significant charitable gifts to the then-United Jewish Appeal.
Today in Detroit, the Ford Motor Co. and the billionaire family are regulary seen as major contributors to the Jewish federation and the Jewish community center. Members of the Ford family and top executives at the company have been honored by local Jewish groups.
And in 1999, Benson Ford Jr., a great-grandson of the auto tycoon, purchased the 500-year-old scroll and donated it to Temple Shir Shalom in West Bloomfield. The Torah was written in hiding between 1492 and 1560 in Spain or Portugal, where it was illegal to practice Judaism at the time.
The latest chapter in the long history of Ford and the Jews began Dec. 1, when Mark Fields effectively began running the 109-year-old international auto firm. Fields, 51, has been lauded for his intelligence, skill and dedication to the company. He has worked all over the world for Ford, including a stint as the CEO of Ford-controlled Mazda. […]

Is there any sector of the economy or society that the Jews do not have either outright control over, or a major influence upon, including corporations like Ford Motor Co.?
Speaking of Jewish control, Representative Nita Lowey (D-New York), a Jewish woman, and three other Jewish Congressmen recently took control of key committees in the House of Representatives, as The Jewish Daily Forward reports:

Four Jewish Democrats kept or earned top slots on U.S. House of Representatives committees.
Rep. Sander Levin (D-Mich.) preserved his top slot on the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee, as did Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) on the Energy Committee, after the caucus’ standing committee announced its selections on Tuesday.
Rep. Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) ascended to the top slot on the Appropriations Committee and Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) is now the ranking Democrat on the Foreign Affairs Committee.
Lowey replaced Rep. Norm Dicks (D-Wash.), who is retiring, and Engel replaced Rep. Howard Berman (D-Calif.), who was defeated in the November election.
Berman is one of two Jewish Democrats relinquishing top committee spots; Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), who is retiring, leaves the top slot on the House Finance Committee to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.).
The Democratic leadership touted the preponderance of women and minorities in top slots on 22 committees, casting it against the all-white male Republican leadership in the House.

Again, is there any aspect of American society, government, or the economy that is not outright dominated by Jews or at least heavily influenced by them? Virtually every key Congressional committee and powerful position in both the Senate and House are in the hands of a Jew. Organized Jewish lobbying groups control the electoral process and political parties, setting the tone of the debate on all political and economic matters. Jews dominate the Obama administration, occupying virtually every key position of power in the Executive branch. Isn’t it about time we all starting asking ourselves why this is the case? Why do we let Jews control our politics, media, culture, banking and financial systems? Why do we assume this is OK, refuse to talk about it or even acknowledge it?
In a follow up article to last week’s post regarding a major Jewish pedophile ring exposed in Israel, we learn this from The Jewish Daily Forward:

The principal of a private Jewish high school in Brooklyn was convicted of sexually abusing three boys over the course of a decade, authorities said.
Emanuel Yegutkin, 33, the principal of Elite High School in the Bensonhurst section, was found guilty of 75 counts of sex abuse.
He faces up to 25 years in prison on each of several counts when he is sentenced on December 17.
“This violent sexual predator faces the remainder of his life behind bars,” Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said. “This should serve as a clear message that those who would sexually abuse children in this county will be punished severely.”
Yegutkin became a close friend of the victims’ family after attending the school where the victims’ father worked, and visited their home frequently. The victims did not attend Yegutkin’s school, the prosecutor’s office said.
From 1996 to 2005, Yegutkin sexually abused two of the boys when they were ages seven to 15-years-old, and in 2008, exposed the third boy to pornography. He forced them to perform sex acts including fondling and oral sex, authorities said.

I guarantee you this will not be reported on the nightly national news broadcasts, CNN, or Fox News. Again, we should be asking ourselves: why does the (Jewish owned) mainstream media feverishly report on child abuse and pedophilia in the Catholic Church, but fail to report on these disgusting and evil acts in the Jewish community? Is there a double standard here? (See also “Jewish day school sex abuser charged, appears in court,” Jewish Telegraph Agency)
Gal Beckerman, a Jewish author who has written about the Jews in the Soviet Union, recently published a rather revealing op-ed in The Washington Post titled, “The day refuseniks shone”:

[…] Today marks the 25th anniversary of the massive march on Washington that greeted Gorbachev’s first trip to the United States. In a feat of organization, the American Jewish community gathered a quarter-million people on a frigid day to bring visibility to a long-standing cause: freedom of movement for Jews not permitted to emigrate from the Soviet Union.
It was a vaunted moment of Jewish unity — a coalition that seems fantastical to imagine today. Forces from the left and right came together. The two sides of Jewish identity — a commitment to universal values such as human rights and a tribal allegiance to the survival of one’s own brethren — overlapped perfectly. Neoconservative Cold Warriors and Amnesty International activists marched hand in hand in solidarity. […]
The movement supporting Soviet Jewry had become one of the most successful efforts by an American minority group to see its foreign-policy objectives become synonymous with those of the United States.
Today, the march is viewed by American Jews with nostalgia and sadness. No other gathering has matched its numbers, organization and effectiveness. More significantly, the unity that characterized the movement feels like a very distant memory.
Look at American Jews’ contentious conversation about Israel. For many embattled supporters worried about the survival of the Jewish state, human rights and international law are viewed with wariness and antagonism. The universal principles so important to Soviet Jewry activists now seem like weapons directed at Israel’s behavior. Conversely, the many liberal-minded Jews of America whose democratic ideals fueled their commitment to the cause of Soviet Jewish freedom now look upon any expression of tribal allegiance to the Jews living in Israel as anathema.
The Soviet Jewry movement managed to provide a rare moment of equilibrium, when a Jew’s identity as a member of a tribe and as a conscientious member of the human race were not in tension.
It’s impossible to imagine such a convergence happening again. For the near future, one side will continue to march for Darfur and the other will march against Iran.

But there are still lessons to glean. American Jews are not unique in their desire to get their countrymen to adapt their objectives. There are, for instance, Iranian Americans who want a foreign policy that includes more support for dissident groups; Korean Americans who worry that the plight of relatives trapped in North Korea is being ignored; Syrian Americans who want U.S. arms to support the resistance to Bashar al-Assad.

There are two things I’d like to point out about this op-ed. First, notice, yet again, we have a Jewish writer openly praising American Jews for having “a tribal allegiance to the survival of” their own brethren, in this case, the Jews of the Soviet Union. Just imagine if a German American or an Irish American were to openly praise their “tribal allegiance to the survival of” their brethren overseas. This is such a blatant double-standard, but one that is never pointed out: it’s perfectly fine, even praised, for Jews and other “minorities” to identify with, support, and work to advance the racial or ethnic interest of their particular group. But heaven forbid European Americans from doing the same thing, or seeking to “get their countrymen to adapt their objectives”, as the Jews and other minorities do. That would be, of course, “racist” and “supremacist”.
Second, you’ll notice that Beckerman laments the alleged political disunity of American Jewry, especially as it relates to “Israel”. This guy must be joking.  There are many issues organized Jewish interests see eye to eye on.  Virtually all major organized Jewish groups in America advocated and supported the illegal genocidal war against Iraq, and are leading the charge now to do the same thing to Iran.  And that’s just one example.
The “political disunity” of American Jewry, from my point of view, is entirely superficial. Jews, by and large, identify as Jews and work to advance their group’s interest. How many Jews do you know or have read about that openly call for the dismantling of the rogue state of “Israel” occupying Palestine? How many Jews do you know or have read about that openly expose 9/11 as being a Mossad operation? How many Jews are calling for the arrest of their criminal brethren operating in Washington, DC, New York, London, and Tel Aviv? How many are exposing Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people, Israel’s nuclear weapons program, and the long history of Israeli treachery and criminality?  How many are exposing the disgusting Jewish Talmud, which sanctions the deceiving and even killing of non-Jews?
The fact of the matter is that Jews are the most politically united and organized group of people on the planet, as Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the notorious Jewish terrorist and political leader, wrote in the July 27, 1935 edition of the Jewish Daily Bulletin:

There is only one power which really counts. The power of political pressure. We Jews are the most powerful people on earth, because we have this power, and we know how to apply it.

The “disunity” Beckerman speaks of is entirely superficial.
The final article I’d like to highlight was the featured article this past Sunday in the Jewish Telegraph Agency, and was titled, “Holocaust restitution making little headway in E. Europe, Poland seen as worst offender.” First, an excerpt:

In 1988, Yehuda Evron received a memorable letter from Lech Walesa, the first post-communist president of Poland, on the eve of the country’s transition to democracy.
“He wrote that within a few months we would get my wife’s property back,” recalled Evron, now 80. His wife was the only Holocaust survivor of a family that owned a residential building and factory in Zwienec that had been confiscated by the Nazis and then seized by Poland’s communist government.
Evron, a Romanian emigre and leader of the New York-based Holocaust Restitution Committeewhich represents claims of thousands of survivors from Poland, chortled bitterly last week when recalling his initial optimism after corresponding with Walesa. Nearly 25 years have passed since, many more survivors have died and Polish leaders repeatedly have reneged on promises to enact a restitution law to compensate for the billions of dollars in property stolen from Jews and non-Jews during and after the Holocaust.
Home to more Jews than any other country before World War II, Poland is now the only European country to endure Nazi occupation that has not enacted a law to ensure some kind of private property compensation or restitution to Holocaust survivors or their heirs.
Evron talked to JTA at last week’s Prague meeting on Holocaust restitution, called the Immovable Property Review Conference, which was organized as a follow-up to a 2009 conference in this city that produced a historic resolution on Holocaust assets. The resolution, called the 2009 Terezin Declaration, was signed by 46 countries that committed to speeding up the restitution of private and communal property to Holocaust survivors and their heirs.
This year’s conference and the 2009 parley were organized and supported by the Czech Foreign Ministry, U.S.-based Jewish organizations and the U.S. State Department, with participation from countries throughout Europe.
At last week’s gathering, many of the references to 2009 were in the form of laments that so little had been accomplished in three years.
“In sum, restitution of property confiscated during the Holocaust proceeds exceedingly slowly, if at all,” said a report prepared for the conference by the World Jewish Restitution Organization, an umbrella group. […]
There have been a few bright spots.
In 2011, Lithuania authorized payment of about $50 million over 10 years to compensate the Jewish community for communal property seized by the Nazi and Soviet occupation regimes. Serbia passed a restitution bill affecting Jews and non-Jews that the Jewish community expects eventually will address Holocaust claims specifically.
Last month, the Czech Republic’s lower house of parliament approved a plan to return billions of dollars worth of communal property confiscated from Jews and Christians by previous communist governments. If the bill passes, the Czech Federation of Jewish Communities is set to receive $500,000 a year over 30 years.
The worst restitution record, conference goers said, belongs to Poland.
In 2010, Terezin Declaration signatories approved a set of nonbinding best practices, such as suggesting solutions to the problem of heirless property and making the claims process more transparent and affordable. After initially agreeing to the document, Poland made an abrupt about-face and withdrew its support. To add salt to an already festering diplomatic wound, Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski in 2011 went on Polish radio to complain of U.S. pressure on restitution issues. […]
At last week’s conference, Poland was the only signatory to the 2009 Terezin Declaration that did not send a delegate.
“It says a lot that they refuse to even engage,” said Greg Schneider, executive vice president of the Claims Conference, which is responsible for Holocaust restitution from Germany and Austria.
Stuart Eizenstat, a former U.S. deputy treasury secretary who served as special representative of the U.S. president and secretary of state for Holocaust issues during the Clinton administration, told JTA that he was disappointed in Poland but insisted the country was not a lost cause.
When I began going hat in hand to these Eastern European governments in the 1990s, no one would have ever imagined we could have gotten all the agreements that are in place for the return of property,” Eizenstat said. “In Poland, you have a process for the return of religious communal property, and that’s thanks to the pressure of conferences like these.”
A counselor at the Polish Embassy in Prague, Isabella Wollejko-Chwastowicz, told JTA that a compensation law was “so complicated” that it was just taking a long time for the government to review. The explanation contradicts the most recent public Polish government position that Jewish groups simply are demanding too much.
Baroness Ruth Deech, a property expert and member of Britain’s House of Lords, said Poland’s position is infuriating.
“Looking at it from the outside, we read that 60 percent of Poles oppose private restitution and that the Jewish community in Poland today is fearful that pressing for justice will give rise to anti-Semitism,” she told an audience at the Prague conference. […]
Eizenstat said he hopes economic arguments will convince Polish officials to move ahead with restitution.
“A restitution law would also help Poland deal with the expensive issue of unclear land ownership that already harms its economic interests,“ he said.
Such appeals to the pocketbook are significant, since the West can no longer hold out admission or rejection into the European Union or NATO as an incentive, said Rabbi Andrew Baker, director of international Jewish affairs for the American Jewish Committee and a longtime restitution negotiator. Eastern European countries already have won admittance to these international bodies. […]

These are the types of articles that absolutely infuriate me. Think about it: Western governments, primarily the Jewish controlled United States and United Kingdom, and private Jewish lobbying groups extort the various countries of Eastern Europe and Germany into providing monetary “compensation” to European Jews who were somehow negatively impacted during WWII. Of course, most of the claims made by Jewry and their goyim puppets in academia, the media, and politics are completely baseless and false. The entire “Holocaust” narrative was manufactured by organized Jewish groups after WWII. Consider what Peter Novick, author of The Holocaust and Collective Memory, said:

Only a few months after the top officials of the Anti-Defamation League had proclaimed that it was fading memories of Nazism’s crimes against the Jews that accounted for Israel’s isolation, the ADL decided to embark on an ambitious venture in Holocaust programing.

This “Holocaust” industry and the insidious, deceitful, and psychologically damaging propaganda constantly spewing from organized Jewish groups, the media, academia, Hollywood, the various puppet governments of the West, Israel, and international organizations must be dissected and exposed in order for this fraud to finally end.

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