New World Order for Dummies



Understanding your future with the New World Order

By Sergey Baranov

Many things have been written by researchers, authors, activists and other individuals with regards to an oppressive global regime which is now unfolding in front of our eyes after being long in the making.
As the result of their work, many more have awakened to the sinister agenda created and implemented by the powers that be. This agenda has many faces and many names, not all of which are familiar to the average Joe. What do you think of when you hear about the New World Order?
At the very low level of political awareness the first thing you would think of is a conspiracy theory. But having researched and understood  it in depth, you would be speaking against it fearlessly, understanding that nothing can be scarier than living under a fascist global regime, which this time around will be on steroids.
You would see dark gathering clouds naturally predicting the coming political storm. You would see the societal move towards global poverty, oppression and totalitarianism in which there is no place for personal freedom. You would recognize the arms of the evil octopus wearing the masks of Agenda 21, Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), Eugenics, Transhumanism, and Codex Alimentarius, to name just a few.
These are the code names and different faces of the same agenda to harness humanity. These names might appear disconnected and even abstract, but only to those who aren’t aware and informed. I would encourage you to do your own research into this subject but in the meantime I would like to offer you a synopsis made of a simple words which will help you to understand what the New World Order means to you.
In any totalitarian system of control, there is zero tolerance for individuality, self-expression, creativity and other forms of self-empowerment. Realizing one’s self as a cosmic consciousness which was fortunate enough to receive a human body to experience life, would naturally resist any form of tyranny and enslavement.
Carrying goodness at heart, such a person would recognize evil when he or she sees its expression. Anything which would limit such a person’s freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of travel and other natural freedoms with which each person is born into this world, would appear as a harmful and negative influence in a person’s life – a disease for which a cure must be found.
Accepting tyranny on one’s soul would be same as accepting cancer on one’s body. Both must be resisted since both are deadly. Understanding that would be enough to wake up to one’s humanness, defending the right to exist and enjoy a healthy social and natural environment, both of which are now under attack.
If the current trend develops, we will quickly find our lives diminished to a biological existence similar to that of an ant; a daily race in the search of the food under the constant threat of being smashed by the boot of tyranny. So what is New World Order?
Well, in reality it’s the same old world order – a merger of corporate power and state, but this time around scientifically and technologically enhanced and empowered. It is the same old system of control run by the golden rule – those who have the gold rule. NWO is a Hitlerian dream coming true, turning our lives into a nightmare.

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