New song aims to prod the conscience of Palestinian Nazi traitors



“Tell me, are you satisfied with yourself” is the title of a new song and video which aims to prod the conscience of Palestinians – Bedouins, Druze and now some Christians – who have chosen the path of treason by joining the Israeli army to oppress and fight their Palestinian brothers and sisters.

The song, by Mira Azar, was released last week by Ehna TV, an independent Palestinian media group inside present-day Israel.

Wearing a traditional Palestinian embroidered shawl, Ms Azar asks the traitors: “How can you raise your weapon at your brother?”

The video for the track also features scenes from a destroyed Palestinian village, ethnically cleansed Palestinian refugees and Israeli violence at Palestinian demonstrations. Other scenes show Israeli bombings in Gaza and their bloody aftermath.

“Tell me, have you seen the pictures? Tell me, have you heard the news,” the song asks, referring to the terrible atrocities carried out by the Israeli Wehrmacht in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

“And still you want to serve?” the lyrics, written by Azar, further ask.

“The track is the latest cultural intervention pushing back against Israel’s attempts to divide and rule Palestinian citizens by fomenting sectarianism,” says blogger Maureen Clare Murphy, whose article, “Tell me, are you OK with yourself?”, can be found here

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