Never before. On the West’s surrender to Zionism

A poem by Fernando Guevara

We are in no position to say “Never Again”
Unless we exclude the present
Never before have we had war on this scale
Our human morals have reached vanishing point

And the law says it is illegal to broadcast the news

We do not call it World War
For it is committed not on us
But by us
Racism isn’t racist any more

And the law says the world is destined for the few

To Nazism we said “Never Again”
To Zionism “Come on in”
Aryan national socialism was rejected
Zionist national socialism ushered in

And the law says it is illegal to see, suspect or compare

Zionism has a home in France
Manifest Destiny and Zionism share a home in America
Zionism has a home in Denmark 
Britain says Zionists welcome here!

And the law slaps silence on those who speak, question or dare 

The biggest wave of refugees in history has seen our shores
Accompanied by our decision to go to Zionist-generated wars 
We have the guts to fight all racists but the worst
Rule Britannia! but Israel first!

And the law says those who saw must be confined

Spirit dies as Greed speaks
Death laughs, Terror peaks
Headlines blare: DETREVNI YTILAER !  [reality inverted] 
This is now your world, your sanity deceives you
You will find: the most precious spoils of war are the territories of the mind.

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