Naziyahu the Political Zionist: A Disaster for Both 'Israel' and the Jewish Diaspora

Netanyahu the Political Zionist: A Disaster for Both Israel and the Jewish Diaspora

12 years as Prime Minister and Netanyahu’s only achievement has been to mire his high office in charges of corruption, bribery, fraud and conspiracy.
Furthermore, he has tragically managed to turn his electorate into the most extreme Right-wing constituency in the history of the state whilst Israel’s founding father and first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion,silently screams out from his grave in the Negev desert.
Binyamin Netanyahu has deliberately jettisoned any chance of peace by his continued expropriation of Palestinian property in the West Bank and East Jerusalem in the vain hope of creating a Greater Israel of stolen land, to conform to the extremist ideology of his late father, Benzion Netanyahu.
By so doing, he has achieved two unintended consequences of immense importance: the first being the now increasing perception of Israel by the international community as a high-tech, nuclear-weaponised, pariah state, in the image of North Korea. The second, being the huge increase in antisemitism throughout Europe and on campuses throughout Britain and America.
Arguably, no politician in modern times, has come close to Netanyahu in turning a formerly admired technical powerhouse into a reviled neo-apartheid state of Political Zionists who have subjugated an indigenous Arab nation, numbering in excess of five million, whose families have been the documented, primary majority people of the region for over a thousand years.
Netanyahu’s attempt to change history has failed as has his term of political fame and family fortune. The only question now is: how much permanent damage has he inflicted upon not only the Israeli state but, and perhaps more importantly, upon the Jewish worldwide diaspora?

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