Nearly Nuked! NLE-06 Targeted Sears Tower

NOVANEWS“People forget that the Sears Tower was a target — a genuine target.” — George W. Bush in Chicago, 11/11/10

By Captain Eric H. May

With the Internet buzzing about a possible Windy City dirty bomb attack during the May 20-21 NATO Summit, we must consider how close we came to that very event six years ago.

National Level Exercise 2006 took place at the same time as the sentencing of Zacarias Moussaoui, which set up an Al Qaeda revenge attack. At the time Ghost Troop had run four counter-false flag missions, but all of them were in my hometown of Houston, where our intelligence contacts were extensive. A Chicago mission was the last thing we wanted, but the Chicago internet and activist communities were already sounding the alarm. When Ghost Troop became aware of the situation we immediately reached the upper echelons of the exercise, confirmed the worst-case apprehension of a pending false flag attack and led the information operation to defend the city.

The article below, written by former Ghost Troop executive officer Major Bill Fox, was originally published by The Lone Star Iconoclast on December 23, 2008.

Chicago Cops Dodge Blagojevich/Sears Tower Investigation

A Chicago Police Department official, who refused to be identified by name, stated that city law enforcement would avoid investigating allegations against embattled Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and Mayor Richard M. Daley.

Former Army intelligence officer Capt. Eric H. May, military/political editor of the Lone Star Iconoclast, recently repeated his charge that the governor and mayor were co-conspirators in a May 2-4, 2006 attempt to sabotage Chicago’s Sears Tower, the 110-story building that 9/11 Twin Towers owner “Lucky” Larry Silverstein bought on 3/11/04, the same day as the Madrid, Spain railway bombings.

Even with recent revelations of widespread corruption and conspiracy by Illinois and Chicago officials, the former NBC editorial writer’s allegations would seem outlandish – were they not backed up by a document trail connecting everyone from top government officials to media mainstays, and even active-duty military intelligence. All of them coalesced into an informal alliance against the Illinois governor, the Chicago mayor and HomeSec director. Blagojevich, Daley and Chertoff were the trio who set up exercises to simulate the collapse of an unnamed downtown Chicago skyscraper.

The documents tell the tale.

On April 26, 2006, advised of a possible attack by inside sources, May put in calls to Illinois National Guard Public Affairs Officer Col. Tim Franklin and Chicago Police Public Information Officer Laura Kubiak. Both confirmed the existence of terror exercises rehearsing the demolition of Sears Tower. Alarmed, May issued RED ALERT: “CHICAGO 911″ CONFIRMED, which was quickly posted worldwide.

The next day, April 27, the Illinois governor’s office issued a press release confirming the just-exposed exercise, revealing that it involved up to 2,000 participants, and had been in the works – unannounced – for seven months.

Shortly afterwards, May wrote Blagojevich directly. copying contacts in the Defense and State Departments, and stating his conviction that there was a treasonous plot afoot.

After two days of silence from the governor’s office, May began to give interviews, expressing his doubts about Blagojevich and Daley. The Chicago mayor was curiously absent from the city at the time on a first-ever visit to Israel, along with Israeli intelligence. The Edge, hosted by radio journalist Daniel Ott, spread word about the suspicious exercise throughout the Midwest.

It may seem inconceivable that Chicago police would still shy away from investigating or even discussing the possibility of an official conspiracy, but May isn’t surprised.

“We should remember just how dangerous government can be,” he said, “every great American since the Founding Fathers has agreed on that point. No one should be surprised that ‘Blago’ and company are part of a conspiracy. It wasn’t so long ago that Illinois officials conspired with Al Capone. The Chicago cops stood by and played dumb then, too.” month after Captain May accused officials of conspiring to blow up Sears Tower, the FBI arrested the “Liberty City Seven” :– for conspiring to blow up Sears Tower!

Decorated Vietnam combat veteran Merlin Lee Neadow, who was a part of what has since come to be called the Mayday Mission, is even harsher with Windy City law enforcement:

“They’re a disgrace,” the former infantryman said, “they know that we did their job while they hid back in 2006, and they’re still hiding. If it hadn’t been for us Internet infowarriors, Chicago would have had a terror attack for sure.”


For more information see the transcript of the April 29, 2006 interview with Daniel Ott of The Edge Radio, which describes events leading up to the May 2-4, 2006 Sears Tower alert period. Also see the transcript of the July 17, 2006 third hour interview with Frank Whalen of Frankly Speaking Radio, which provides a retrospective look at Ghost Troop’s historic defenses of Sears Tower and Texas City.

Before, during and after the Mayday Mission Ghost Troop was denounced by major alternative media as COINTELPRO. Most notable was Alex Jones, who initially posted, then pulled down, the unit alert to Chicago — during NLE-06. Jones refuses to explain either his action or his accusation.


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