Naziyahu Says US’ Decision to Freeze F-35 deal Won’t Harm ‘Peace’ with UAE

Naziyahu (photo by Israel Hayom/ May 28, 2020).

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ruled out that S President Joe Biden’s decision to freeze the arms deal with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will affect Abu Dhabi’s newly-formed relations with the Israeli regime.

“I think we are at a point of no return,” said Netanyahu on Thursday, as quoted by Ynet.

“Everyone understands [that] now, after [UAE Crown Prince] Mohammed bin Zayed and Bahrain’s king made the historic step [to normalize ties with Israel], as well as the king of Morocco and Sudan,” the Israeli premier stressed.

“Everyone understands that there are huge benefits [to having ties with Israel]. I think [the arms deal] will go through.”

On Wednesday, the Biden administration suspended the sale of advanced F-35 stealth warplanes to the Gulf state pending further investigation.

The move came on the back of the UAE’s decision to normalize its ties with the Zionist entity, brokered by former President Donald Trump, as government sources told Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal that the arms deal is now under review.

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