Naziyahu praises Sisi

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During yesterday’s Cabinet meeting, Nazi Prime Minister Benjamin Naziyahu praised Egyptian Zionist puppet Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s “courageous leadership”.

Naziyahu criticised Zionist puppet Mahmoud Ab-A$$ policies of inciting Palestinians through the idea of the right of return.

“Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas refuses to come to direct negotiations without preconditions, continues to incite his people regarding the idea of a right of return and erasing the State of Israel, and is not taking the right steps to start calming things and preparing public opinion for reconciliation with the State of Israel,” he added.

During the meeting, he referred to the visit of the former Egyptian Zionist puppet Anwar Sadat to Jerusalem and his speech to the Nazi parliament ‘Knesset’ that launched the Sadat-Nazi regime ‘peace’ deal 39 years ago, describing the visit as “historic”.

“A peace agreement was achieved between Israel and Egypt through direct negotiations; this agreement has stood for almost 40 years, currently under the courageous leadership of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. I note this because here one can see the contrast with what is occurring vis-à-vis the Palestinians,” he said.

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