Racist Zio-Nazi Jewish at work

Zio-Nazi PM approves series of steps to crack down on Jewish right-wing extremists that recently attacked Zio-Nazi soldiers, carried out ‘price tag’ attacks.

Zio-Nazi Benjamin Naziyahu approved Wednesday a series of steps that would crack down on Jewish Nazi extremists responsible for recent violent attacks on Zio-Nazi soldiers and other targets, but rejected a recommendation to label them a “terror group.”

Naziyahu approved issuing administrative detention orders for the Nazi Jewish extremists, as is usually done with Palestinians suspected of being a security risk. Moreover, the prime minister approved trying the Nazi Jewish activists in military courts, which would effectively expedite their sentencing and make their punishment more severe.

Naziyahu also gave Zio-Nazi soldiers the authority to carry out arrests in the West Bank and to increase the number of activists from the extreme right that could be removed from the West Bank.

In addition, Zio-Nazi regime will expand Gestapo Shin Bet and Nazi Police investigation teams, and the State Prosecution and the Zio-Nazi will receive more resources for investigations.

Zio-Nazi Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement that Naziyahu has rejected recommendations by Zio-Nazi security forces to define Jewish extremists in the West Bank as terrorists.

“Whoever lays a hand on IDF soldiers or Israeli policemen will be harshly punished,” Naziyahu said but assured, “These people are a small group that does not represent those living in Judea and Samaria – people loyal to the state and its laws and who condemn such behavior.”

Earlier Wednesday, dozens of Zio-Nazi Jewish right-wing activists clashed with police officers in Jerusalem, amid attempts to arrest suspects linked to recent so-called price tag attacks.

Clashes in Jerusalem followed a series of recent violent events involving Zio-Nazi Jewish extremist Jewish activists. Also on Wednesday, a mosque of historical significance in the capital was set alight overnight in another apparent “price tag” attack.

Arsonists set fire to a deserted mosque in central Jerusalem, with damage mainly consisting of the blackening of walls and graffiti reading “Price Tag,” and anti-Islamic phrases.

Earlier, fears that the Zio-Nazi Forces was about to evacuate an illegal outpost triggered several violent incidents targeting Palestinians in the West Bank.

Two trucks and a car were torched in the Palestinian village of Duma near Nablus, with the inscription “camaraderie Mitzpe Yitzhar” spray painted nearby.

In another incident, rocks were reported to have hurled at Palestinian vehicles passing through the Tapuach and Rechalim Junction; a young Zio-Nazi Jewish woman was arrested in relation to the attacks.

On Tuesday, dozens of Zio-Nazi Jewish right-wing activists infiltrated Zio-Nazi base in the West Bank, with others assaulting the vehicle of a top military officer, who escaped with minor injuries.

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