Nazi regime Committed to Treating Zio-Wahhabi Rat’s


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Naziyahu said Sunday that ‘Israel’ remained committed to treating war wounded from Syria and reaffirmed his support for last week’s US air strike in Syria.

In comments at the start of a cabinet meeting, Naziyahu said “Israel is caring for wounded Syrians as part of a humanitarian effort,” “We will continue to do so.”

Zionist media reported that a proposal to do so had been met with objections from some government and security officials due to logistical difficulties, with the location far from the Zionist entity.

The occupying entity has treated more than 3,000 war wounded militants from Syria in what it describes as a ‘humanitarian gesture’.

It says it treats whoever makes it to the demarcation line regardless of affiliation, though ‘Israel’ is accused of supporting terrorists.

Naziyahu spoke again of his support for last week’s US missile strike against a Syrian airbase.

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