Naziyahu and Family Investigated on Corruption Charges

Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister with Whom Theresa May and the CFI Are Happy to Arrange Bilateral Trade and National Security

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his family are currently being investigated on various, serious corruption charges. They are:

1. Netanyahu is accused of entering into corrupt arrangements with various billionaires by taking expensive gifts and bribes, in return for taking action on their behalf. Gifts alleged to include hotel accommodation, air flights and champagne etc. from film producers and powerful, rich casino operators.

2. Netanyahu is accused of conspiring with newspaper owners to advance legislation that would work against their competitors. Recordings of the alleged conspiracy are apparently available.

Screenshot: ABC News Australia

3. This is an extraordinarily serious charge that the delivery of German submarines to the Israeli navy by Chancellor Angela Merkel involved corruption by Netanyahu’s personal lawyer who negotiated the military deal with the German government (and which subsequently altered the balance of power in Europe and the Middle East when the fleet of underwater military vessels were modified by the Israeli state to carry nuclear-armed Cruise missiles).

4. The Israeli Director General of Communications, who is a Minister in the Netanyahu government, is accused of illicit share dealings.

5. Sarah Netanyahu, the wife, is accused of the misuse of public funds in the improper payment for family events and also building works at their private residence.

6. Yair Netanyahu, the eldest son, is being sued for libel by an NGO Israeli think tank.

As yet, no indictments regarding the Netanyahu family have been issued by the Attorney General, who is presently awaiting the recommendations of the investigating police.

Screenshot Haaretz

There is, of course, a precedent for high level corruption scandals in Israel. A previous Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was sentenced to a prison term in 2015.

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