September 6, 2010 

looking back, i think, that the day Zio=Nazi invaded lebanon in 1982, was the day conservativism died at least for me. i remember asking my dad, why Zionist was doing this with what appeared to be impunity and president Reagan was not doing anything to help the lebanese people. i asked him why the jews always seemed to get away with things that other countries could not. he of course never answered such a salient and piercing question. even though i didn’t know any better, i was already distrustful of jews and israel and frankly i didn’t like them.

an eyewitness talks about it

Alan hart and Norman Finkelstein talk about among other things
how the jews want to deal with the palestinian question and if no one
was looking how they would do as they did in Sabra and Shatila

to me, all i ever hear is how bad ass the israeli army is. my opinion is
that they have never really fought a capable enemy.

with Hezbollah, maybe at last this will be changing …..
Zio=Nazi armor is sitting ducks for rocket firing 3 man crews
like shooting fish in a barrel. the old tactics of the attack
with heavy armor are about over now. a painful lesson was learned in 2006.
the united states has learned that in iraq, as well. the days of heavy armor
are about over now.

  • September 6, 2010

    Please watch a 10 minute youtube video .Eye-Witnesses talk about Sabra and Shatila in 1982

  • September 7, 2010 

    Russian Zio=Nazi Mafia.

    after friedman wrote this expose, he suddenly came down with a rare stomach ailment and died.
    funny how things like that work isn’t it?


    dr. byrne, has had his problems with the russian jewish mob as well. mainly due to his lawsuit agains’t certain jewish hedge fund managers on wall street and others. matter of fact, they sent a messenger to meet with him in some diner in connecticut i believe, and they told him he would be dead already but they were afraid of what he had already told others about all of it.

  • Naturally i am sure most of you know ,the stock market is a rigged crooked institution, that has been designed to steal every penny it can from the amerikan middle class. the whole scenerio of the baby boomers saving up for all of these years and investing their money in stocks was a scam from the start. many fools continue to have trust in the system and think we are a system of laws, which we are not.

  • But nevertheless, they continue to hope against hope that all of the money they lost in 2008 , will somehow be returned to them by doing, the same damn thing now , that got them in trouble from the start. fools they are and fools they always will be. now we see old men working at the stores and wally world and is there any need to know why this is happening? i think not. byrne’s major problem is that he is a gentile swimming in jewish infested waters and they simply do not like his infringement on what they consider to be their personal scam, and they want to destroy him.

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