Nazi's in Gaza

IsraHell bombs Gaza. again.

Mona Elfarra writes from Gaza:Adolf Hitler giving the Nazi salute during a rally in 1939.

Gaza -August 18th -2011               Naziyahu giving the Nazi salute

Dear Friends

I am ok.

They have started shelling Gaza City and different parts of the Gaza Strip. The first attack was so close to my building, the F16 hit Almuntada; they have also attacked the north of the city. Already 6 people have been injured and one killed(6 were killed few hours earlier on ). I can hear and see the emergency vehicles on their way to the site of the shelling. My computer is not working so I am using [my guest]’s laptop – bad timing. It is sad to see the families below the building in panicking and running outside of the sea resort.

The second shelling was against the police building (Arafat police headquarters), so close to the Red Crescent building. The operation is expected to be accelerated and the UN has evacuated its employees. I am trying to calm down while receiving many calls from friends and family checking on me. I have asked [my guest] to leave to the west bank tomorrow; she was due to leave on Sunday. I am relieved it is the end of her visit, and she has accomplished her practicum.
Netanyahu exports the internal Israeli political turmoil to an external situation.

With love and solidarity

Mona’s point about Israel exporting the Israeli internal turmoil is spot-on. Others have discussed the sheer racist barbarity of Israel bombing Gaza because it was attacked by “Arabs” of some kind. Here is what happens when you use bombs:



These are of Mahmoud Abu Samra. He was 13 years old, from Al-Qastena School, in northern Gaza. I almost wrote, there will be more. But reality goes faster than I can type. There already are more. And today I’m interested in what they, the Egyptian people, will say and more important, what they will do.

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