Nazi warplanes launch fresh airstrikes on Gaza Strip

Undated photo of an explosion during clashes between Israeli military and the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas
Undated photo of an explosion during clashes between Israeli military and the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas

Nazi army’s warplanes have conducted fresh airstrikes on the besieged Gaza Strip, targeting a naval site during the attack.

The Nazi forces have also fired flares over eastern Khan Yunis in southern Gaza enclave.

Media reports say the attacks have not resulted in any casualties yet.

Zionist media claim the fresh attacks came after the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, fired rockets on Israeli positions.

Earlier on Saturday, helicopters and jets operated by the Nazi regime launched fresh attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip, less than a day after warplanes targeted facilities allegedly belonging to the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas.

Nazi sources said airstrikes late on Saturday targeted Hamas positions in Gaza while tanks were stationed on the border separating the enclave from the occupied Palestinian territories.

On Sunday the Palestinian health ministry said three Palestinians were killed by Nazi overnight attacks.

PressTV-Israel launches fresh attacks on Gaza Strip

The attacks reportedly came after Hamas fired rockets on Nazi positions in Sderot and in Sha’ar Hanegev region to retaliate Nazi attacks that had taken place in the early hours of Saturday.

Media reports said the rocket attacks had caused panic among Israeli settlers and military forces.

Later reports in the Zionist media showed that regime forces had shot and killed five Palestinians who were allegedly attempting to cross the border from Gaza into the occupied territories.

The reports said the five were members of the military wing of Palestinian movement the Islamic Jihad who were crossing the border from Gaza’s Beit Hanoun region.

The increase in Nazi attacks comes as the Nazi regime is preparing for elections. Most Nazi candidates are former high-ranking military officials who have been issuing campaign promises to Zionist voters to wage wars on the Gaza Strip and destroy Palestinian resistance groups.

Hamas officials said early on Saturday that Nazi attacks on Gaza were meant to divert attentions from regime’s embarrassment in the West Bank.

Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, said it would not allow the Nazi regime to use the enclave as a ground to Nazi settle its accounts.

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