Settlers and Soldiers Molest Palestinian Women

A new report confirms what has been reported by Palestinian women and known to many; that Palestinian women are victims of routine harassment by Israeli settlers and the Israeli army. Now the only religious university in Israel, Bar Ilan University, has confirmed this in a report. The brochure by Ruth and Emanuel Rackman Centre for the Advancement of Women reports that Israeli citizens and IDF soldiers sexually harass Palestinian women and states:
“the committee notes with deep concern that Palestinian women and girls continue to suffer from violent attacks, both by state elements (Israeli soldiers) and by non-state elements (settlers, among others), as well as all other forms of violence within their communities, including the violation of their right to life, physical, mental and verbal abuse, and sexual harassment.”
It has been a concern for Palestinian advocates that justice is lacking for Palestinians and the report consolidates this, “In addition, the committee notes with great concern that only rarely are such incidents accompanied by documentation, legal charges or punishment.”
FOA has been calling for justice for the Palestinians and we hope the report will help address the grave inadequacy in the Israeli justice system and the international community demands an end to the illegal occupation.
Ismail Patel

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