Nazi settlers attack Palestinian homes in Susiya, leave racist messages


A spraypainted swastika was discovered Friday in Borough Park. On Sunday another graffiti swastika was discovered nearby. Cops are probing the incidents.  >
A group of extremist Nazi settlers infiltrated into Susiya town south of Al-Khalil city and wrote racist slurs on the walls of Palestinian homes.
Coordinator of the popular committees against settlement in Yatta Rateb Jabour stated that Nazi settlers from Susiya illegal Nazi Camp, that was built on Palestinian lands, wrote on Wednesday night Nazi racist remarks on tents, walls and water tanks calling for expelling the Palestinian natives from their homes.
Nazi settlers also threatened in their graffiti to kill the Palestinians and some remarks said that the biggest achievement made by the Nazi Jews was the killing and displacement of Arabs.
The Israeli occupation authority had threatened in an earlier incident to demolish all Palestinian homes in Susiya town.

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