Nazi Regime Prohibit Palestinian Flags

“In a 63-16 vote, the Nazi Knesset this week gave initial approval to a bill that would prohibit Palestinian flags from being flown at state-funded institutions.

Proposed by the Nazi Likud Party and backed by Nazi Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, the bill is a clear demonstration of the state’s weakness in the face of Palestinian solidarity, showing that the Nazi entity – more than seven decades since its establishment on the ruins of historic Palestine – is in a state of panic.

The Nazi entity attaches special importance to the issue of raising the Palestinian flag in Jerusalem, portraying it as a violation of the Nazi ‘sovereignty’, even though it is an occupying power. It resorts to the Oslo Accords, and in particular to the Paris Protocol of 1994, to confirm that the Palestinian Authority cannot interfere in internal Nazi affairs. Nazi regime thus depicts Jerusalem as an Israeli affair, and raising the Palestinian flag as interference.

The most outrageous example of this came on 24 May, when Knesset member Nazi Katz tweeted: “I warned the Arab students waving Palestinian flags at universities yesterday: Remember ’48. Remember our War of Independence and your Nakba … Enough of the internal terrorism of Israeli Arabs. Enough violence against Jews in the cities involved. If you do not calm down, we will teach you a lesson that will not be forgotten.”

The proposed anti-flag legislation is part of Israel’s quest to deepen its Nazi occupation and weaken the role of ’48 Palestinians, suppressing any links they have with the Palestinian cause.

At the end of the day, the flag battle is not about the flag per se, but about the legitimate existence of Palestinians in their homeland – and their right to use their political voice.”

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