Nazi regime Is Banning Condoms From Gaza


Israel is banning condoms from Gaza!

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By: Mahmoud El-Yousseph
Israel is banning condoms from Gaza! But if you thought they are scared of the demographic time bomb, think again.
According to new Israeli regulations, condoms will not be allowed to enter the Gaza Strip as it might be used in violent actions, such as flying kites.  According to the June 20th report by The Times of Israel titled, “Condoms, Kites, and Birthday Balloons: ‘Silly’ Gaza Weapons Could Lead To Real War.” The report further states Palestinians in Gaza are relentlessly flying a variety of airborne devices attached to flammable materials to be launched into Israel near the Israeli Gaza, causing hundred of fires and million of shekels in damage. Palestinians rely on the gentle Mediterranean coastal breeze to push them across the border.
The report conveniently ignore the fact that the Israeli army has killed 127 Palestinians and injured 14,700 including women, children, medics, and journalists in Gaza since the beginning of the Great Return March on Palestinian land on March 30, 2018. Given their limited resources, Palestinians relied on such an innovative way to retaliate.  No Israeli casualties were reported during the same time period.
Paper planes are the Israeli Occupation Army’s worst nightmares. Palestinian youths launched 600 burning kites from Gaza during The Great Return March. Israel claimed it intercepted 400 of the “Burning Kites,” as they often referred to. There was an unconfirmed report that those “Burning Kites” have brought down 10 Israeli drone aircraft.
It is rather amazing how the rest of the world uses condoms to provide protection from both pregnancy and STDs, whereas Palestinians use it as a weapon against their ruthless Israeli occupiers.

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