Nazi regime cancels Jerusalem al-Quds parade

After stern warning by Hamas movement, Israel cancels Jerusalem al-Quds parade

Benny Gantz had urged police to cancel the march over concerns it could reignite fighting

By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor 

…from Press TV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: While Hamas was quick to take credit for the Israelis backing off, Israeli police and even Shin Bet were openly warning the Netanyahu factions hoping to derail any new government by stirring up a new round of fighting.

What we are seeing is a revolt with Israel’s security people showing they are tired of the politicians using violence as a political tool for their own selfish end, and the pols are now being viewed as a security threat themselves.

Benny Gantz was also quick to jump in and say that the IDF wanted no escalation over al-Quds to crank up another round of rockets and bombing, as the world would view that as the security people having relegated themselves to being pawns of Israel’s political clown show.

Meanwhile Netanyahu is ever confident that he can entice the one MP to defect from the Change Coalition, as he has always been able to do it in the past, be it with bribes, threats or overt blackmail.

You can rest assured that Israeli Intel is monitoring the Netanyahu factions to stay on top of whatever tricks they may be planning, to be able to get in front of them to block. Israeli politicians have always been able to herd the Israeli public in the direction they want by dialing tensions up or down.

The US military and Intel branches are well versed in this history, but the last thing they would do is go public about it, as that would expose a closer look at information manipulation on their part.

After all, these are the folks that gave us the war on terror. We have known for a long time that the US has been up to its eyeballs in terrorist training camps to use as proxy forces in its worldwide chaos battlefield. As for Congress, it just plays dumb… Jim W. Dean ]

First published … June 07, 2021

Israeli right-wing groups have scrapped a controversial parade in the occupied Jerusalem al-Quds after the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas issued a stern warning.

The so-called March of the flags was planned to take place and to proceed through flashpoint spots of the Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem al-Quds on Thursday this week, but police canceled the parade on Monday.

“Police refused to give us an authorization,” a spokesperson for one of the groups organizing the march said, prompting a cancellation of the parade.

Israeli police also said in a brief statement that “the current route at this time is not approved.”

Hamas threatens new escalation if settlers hold Jerusalem rally

The police statement and the subsequent cancellation of the parade came after Khalil Hayya, a senior Hamas figure, warned the march could spark new violence in the region.

“We warn the occupation (Israel) against letting the March approach East Jerusalem [a-Quds] and al-Aqsa Mosque compound on Thursday,” Hayya said, expressing hope that “the message is clear so that Thursday doesn’t become (a new) May 10.”

“We clearly say to the mediators and the international community that the time has come to restrain the occupying regime, otherwise the thunderbolts and the responses of the resistance will remain strong. We are not interested in war, but we want freedom, independence, and stability in our land,” the Hamas official further warned.

According to a report by AFP, Israeli Minister for Military Affairs Benny Gantz had urged police to cancel the march over concerns it could reignite fighting.

The recent war, Israel’s fourth against the besieged Gaza Strip, was launched on May 10, after the enclave rose up in protest against Tel Aviv’s escalations in the occupied West Bank.

Hamas warns of fresh ‘confrontation' if Israel continues violations

Hamas warns of fresh ‘confrontation’ if Israel continues violations

A spokesman said another round of confrontation could begin if Israel does not end daily incursions into the Palestinian territory.

Gaza’s Health Ministry said 260 Palestinians were killed in the Israeli war, including 66 children.

An Egyptian-brokered truce that came into force in the wee hours of May 21 finally ended the apartheid regime’s war.

The ceasefire came after the Gaza-based resistance movements fired more than 4,000 rockets into the occupied territories, some reaching as far as Tel Aviv and even Haifa and Nazareth to the north, in response to the Israeli bloodshed.

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