Nazi regime Approves 3557 New Colonialist Units In Occupied Jerusalem

The Peace Now Movement has reported that the “Construction and Planning Committee” of the City Council in occupied Jerusalem, has approved, Wednesday, new plans for the construction of 2557 new units in illegal Nazi JEWISH colonies in occupied East Jerusalem.

“The local committee for planning and construction of the Jerusalem Municipality approved today, 5/1/22 five new plans beyond the Green Line in Jerusalem for 3,557 new housing units. One plan is between Har Homa and Givat Hamatos, and the other plans are on the edge of French Hill towards Mount Scopus.” Peace Now said.

It denounced the new plans are dubbed them as “bad news for the stability Jerusalem, and the changes for peace”, and added that “the most harmful plan in terms of the possibility to reach two states, is the plan known as the ‘lower aqueduct plan’ south of Kibbutz Ramat Rachel near Givat Hamatos and Har Homa, for the construction of a new neighborhood with 1,465 housing units. The new neighborhood is intended to connect the settlement of Har Homa with Givat Hamatos and complete the Israeli southern ring that will block the potential Palestinian continuum between the Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem and Bethlehem.”

It is worth mentioning that recent reports by the Palestinian Foreign Ministry have revealed that Nazi regime approved the construction of 12.000 units and demolished 117 Palestinian buildings in the year 2021.

Read Full Report by Peace Now

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