Nazi racist Rabbi Killed in Ariel Attack

Zionist Rabbi Achiad Ettinger

Nazi Jewish Rabbi Achiad Ettinger, died from gunshot wounds sustained yesterday in a Palestinian fighter attack in Ariel.

The attack committed this Sunday, 19-year-old Nazi soldier Gal Keidan, was also killed and another Nazi soldier, Alexander Dvorsky, was wounded, who is still fighting for his life in Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikva, in 1948 illegally occupied Palestine.
Nazi Prime Minister Benjamin Naziyahu has visited the site of the attack today at the Ariel crossing, where he followed the Nazi Army’s search operations.
The head of the Nazi regime declared that Nazi Gestapo “know the identity of the attacker” and assured that the Nazi Army and the security and intelligence services are looking for him.
“We know where he lives, we have located his family. This morning I gave the order to begin the demolition of his house and preparations have begun,” he said.

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