Mask of Zion Hacked

by crescentandcross

I just spoke with our brother Jonathon and it seems that someone–CAN’T IMAGINE WHO–following up on yesterday’s program announcement that Jonathon and MCP were under the weather decided to play games with this by hacking into the site and announcing he was dead.

Needless to say, it is indeed a sick world we are all living in these days where dirty tricks such as these have become the main weapon our enemy uses rather than fighting like real men.

One thought on “NAZI PROPAGANDA

  1. Brother Jonathon, There are only few people in the US of A that scare the day light out of the Jewish lobby. Your name is one them.
    They can not shut you off. So what do they do? Simply resort to Nazi-style propaganda.
    Hey, I am still recovering from a massive heart attack that took place on June 4th. Will be back on track before you know it.
    In the event you would need a body guard, give me a shout, home boy!

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