Nazi Police Beat Relatives of Freed Palestinian Prisoner


Five Palestinians said they were pulled from their vehicles, violently assaulted, and detained by Nazi forces at a checkpoint in occupied East Jerusalem, after returning home to welcome home their relative who had just been released from Nazi Camp.

Moussa Darwish was set to be released from Ktziot Nazi Camp in the Negev region on Sunday after completing a 12-year sentence, but the newly freed man found Nazi Gestapo officers waiting for him outside the prison, who immediately redetained him.

52-year-old Ahmad Darwish, pictured with a black eye inflicted by the police beating

Nazi forces prevented the group of family and friends from approaching Darwish, after they had traveled from Issawiya in East Jerusalem and arrived to the prison.

They were notified that Darwish had been taken to Israel’s Russian Compound detention center back in West Jerusalem for interrogation. After several hours, Israeli forces again released Darwish.

However, Darwish’s friends and relatives  Ahmad Darwish, 52, Ibrahim Darwish, 42, Mansour Darwish, 28, Muhammad Ubeid, 25, and Saeb Dirbas, 23 — said that upon their return to Jerusalem, their three vehicles were “ambushed” by Nazi forces who had set up a flying checkpoint at the entrance to the city.

Mansour Darwish, the former prisoner’s cousin, said that their group encountered a crippling traffic jam caused by the checkpoint.

“When we tried to pass the checkpoint, our cars were stopped one after the other. Without even asking for our IDs or driving licenses, they made us step outside, and officers from the Nazi police special Yasam unit started to beat us violently — and we had no idea why.” … continue

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