The Nazi occupation has banned Palestinian agricultural exports abroad via Jordan, worth $100 million yearly.

Basically all agricultural exports from the Nazi occupied West Bank outside historic Palestine go via Jordan.

The ban, by the agricultural minister Naftali Bennett came to effect today Sunday February 9th officially, but according to comments made by exporters in social media, Nazi regime has been blocking transport to Jordan for days already.


Bennett. whose parents are US-born immigrants, has declared that even the bantustan plan by Trump and Kushner for indefinite Nazi control of Palestinians is too much for him. Previously he has declared that Nazi regime will continue to occupy for centuries those parts of the West Bank it won’t directly annex.

Palestinian Authority has reacted by banning Nazi agricultural products, bottled water and juices and says that it will pursue diplomatic options.

According to the PA, Nazi is breaking the rules of the World Trade Organization, but WTO’s handling of complaints is glacial at best, and even if it would rule that the State of Palestine is entitled to respond in kind, that of course would be of very limited use to the occupied against the occupier.


Occupied Palestinians are a cheap labour pool for Nazi regime and the occupied territories are also a source of cheap agricultural products (85 % of Palestinian exports are made to ‘Israel’) and dumping of products that would not otherwise be profitable (70 % of Palestinian imports are from ‘Israel’); this means that it is in the interest of the Nazi regime to limit Palestinian competition for products that can be taken from ‘Israel’ to the occupied territories while also keeping Palestinian exports to Israel at level where they are cheap for ‘Israeli’ consumers but do not compete with Israeli products.


How will ‘Western’ politicians and governments which oppose BDS react to this?

We can expect that the answer will be a complete silence.

Boycotting illegal colony products and the Nazi occupation profiteering, bad. Putting a boycott on the goods produced by the occupied, good.

Support BDS and fight this injustice!

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