Nazi Military Investigation Torture Open with Court Warrant!

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Palestine Mahtlh- special Quds news : reissueprisoner Samer bacchanal of Ramallah amidoccupied West Bank, talk aboutoccupationmilitary investigation tofore again, especially withtorture methods used by investigatorsoccupation,may cause serious and fatal injuries.

The prisoner Arbid (44 years), since the beginning of the week, in the hospital, “Hadassah Ein Karem”, after being tortured during interrogation by the “Shabak” occupation, after obtaining a “judicial authorization”, allegedly leading a Palestinian cell accused by the occupation of the implementation of “Dolip “About a month ago, an Israeli settlement was killed.

Arbid suffers from several internal fractures, kidney problems and internal bleeding in the lungs. He was also beaten throughout the body, following a military interrogation on the pretext of extracting information.

Live testimony from the military investigation

The editor, “Mahmoud Abu Dawood,” from Hebron, south of the Nazi occupied West Bank, details of living with military torture in the Nazi of the occupation, where he was arrested five times, a total of nine years.

Mahmoud Abu Daoud, the brother of the martyr Raed, and his other brother, deported to Gaza, Ayman, were subjected to a military investigation at the Jalama interrogation center, which started on September 5, 2010, and it was Ramadan. September 9 “, which is under military investigation, during which he moved from” Ashkelon to Jalame. “

He told Al- Quds Al- Akhbar that abuses and attacks by the Nahshon forces were carried out from Ashkelon to Jalame by being severely handcuffed and covered with glasses that resemble divers’ glasses so that he could not see anything and was transported in a cell-like structure isolated from Outside world.

As a prelude to the start of the military investigation, Nazi Gestapo interrogators prevented him from sleeping for 80 hours before being told by a general-level intelligence officer that his interrogation reached dangerous levels, especially after confessions against him, regarding his relationship with the martyr Nashat al-Karmi, which killed four settlers.

“General occupation”, told “Mahmoud” that he had hours to take a decision to confess before 12 pm, but he considered that his words, just a threat, to know that the military investigation is carried out in accordance with the Zionist concept with those they consider a “time bomb”, and the occupation claims that not Their recognition will lead to operations that could kill Nazi’s.

Hours later, the interrogators were present and asked to confess before the military interrogation began.

At 12 p.m., the date that the occupation investigators put forward as a time limit for confession, one of the interrogators slapped him in the face and insulted him and began the torture party, and his hands were immediately broken and tied back, and the feet also tied up with smaller restrictions. They placed him on the chair in a transverse angle so that the whole body was shivered and the stomach was tightened.

According to Mahmoud’s account, 4 interrogators of the occupation, who share the same torture, one of them holds a timer calculated for each round of torture, and continue to scream to confuse the prisoner and affect his psyche, especially since he did not taste the taste of sleep for long hours, and then be relaxed to hit his head to the ground.

As for the second type of torture, he explained in his version of ” Jerusalem “, that he began to sit in a small chair and one of the interrogators pull his hands, while the other put his knees on the testicles of the prisoner and hands on his throat, and continue to press together.

According to Abu Dawood, the third type is to stop the prisoner on half a knee in the room, and during the hours of torture is only sent to the cell once, and the severity of the beatings were carried by the jailers pregnancy, and the entry into the bathroom crawled.

The chapters of torture continue during the military interrogation.One of the types is that the prisoner stands in half of the room.An interrogator comes quickly and hits him with his knee on the outer area of ​​the thigh and can throw him a meter from his place, in addition to the pain caused by this type of torture.

Insults also continue, and the investigators of the occupation continue to insult the prisoner with his offer, religion and Lord, amid psychological pressure and screaming facilities for beatings and torture.

All this passes on Abu Dawood during the Eid, as people grow up with joy, and investigators have used it to pressure him too, to weaken his psyche. He once tried to rub his beard with his hand tied, but one interrogator told him they might consider it an assault attempt and serve as a pretext to re-break it.

A month and a half after the torture ended with him, the effects of beatings on his body did not go away.At that time, a lawyer from a human rights organization filed a case against the intelligence services for torturing Mahmoud, but the court rejected his claim, claiming that Mahmoud was a “time bomb”, although he only ruled in the case. Years which he told the lawyer.

He noted, “Abu Dawood” that the military investigation is a real humanitarian crime, and different from the normal investigation into suspicious types of torture, and used with the occupation claims that the prisoner “time bomb” to justify crimes against him.

It is noteworthy that torture during the investigation led to the death of the prisoner Abdul Samad Harizat in the nineties, the occupation enacted a law to make the military investigation private and not public for all prisoners who are subjected to psychological and coercive pressures to extract confessions, while the types of physical torture fatal during the military, claiming to obtain a judicial warrant Thus, claiming “time bomb”.

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