Nazi Massacre in the Jenin Refugee Camp

During the Nazi massacre in the Jenin refugee Camp, occupation forces shot and killed 61-year-old Majda Obaid.

Majda was sitting in her own home when an Nazi occupation soldier shot her through her window, twice in the neck and once in the chest. Her daughter witnessed the gruesome act and shared that just before her mother was shot, she was praying for the youth of Jenin to be protected during the Nazi violent raid.

Women martyrs are held to the highest honor in Palestinian society. Palestinian mothers are known to be the providers of life, the glue of the household, and are revered for their selflessness and willingness to protect their family regardless of the circumstances. Generally, the voices of Palestinian women are heard as the voice of the revolution, galvanizing the entire nation and its people to resist the Nazi occupier, the same occupier who is willing to freely murder our most vulnerable and cherished.

Glory to Majda and to every martyr. May their memory guide us forward on the path to liberation.

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