Nazi Lieberman’s statements prove ‘Israel’s’ terrorist nature


Spokesman for Hamas Movement Sami Abu Zuhri

Spokesman for Hamas Movement Sami Abu Zuhri said Monday that the Nazi Army Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s recent threats to assassinate senior Hamas leader Ismail Haniyyah prove his government’s “terrorist nature”.

Abu Zuhri called in his Twitter account on all the free people around the world to unite their efforts in the face of “Israeli terrorism” and in support of the Palestinian people.

Earlier on Sunday, Nazi Lieberman renewed his earlier threats to assassinate Haniyyah before he leaves office.

In a live chat, Nazi Lieberman was asked about his promise before he was appointed Nazi Army Minister to eliminate senior Hamas leader Ismail Haneyyah. “It is wise to progress responsibly,”  he answered.

“Speak with me about Haneyyah at the end of my term as Defense Minister,” he proclaimed.

Nazi Lieberman’s statements came only few days after the assassination of al-Qassam commander Mazen Fuqaha outside his house in Gaza city by six bullets to the head.

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