Nazi Judaically-inspired arson, hate slogans left in Beit Ummar


Vehicle torched in village near Hebron overnight. Graffiti reading ‘A good Arab is a dead Arab’ found nearby

ed note–Netanyahu’s comments towards the end of this piece must be understood for what they really mean–He is not ‘disgusted’ by these acts. He is disgusted that it received attention. He is ‘disgusted’ that these nutcases responsible for doing this waste their energies on spray-painting embarassing things on walls rather than joining the IDF and killing a bunch of Arabs.
In short, Netanyahu’s ‘disgust’  is no different than a mafia don finding out that his son pulled off a petty crime where he pilfered a few bucks when instead he could join ‘la famiglia’ and rake in millions.
additional ed note–many thanks to my friend in the West Bank who took the photos appearing below and sent them to me for publication with this piece.
A vehicle was torched in the village of Beit Ummar near Hebron overnight. Graffiti reading “A good Arab is a dead Arab” and other hate messages were found nearby. IDF sources said they view such acts with severity. Police launched an investigation.
Some two weeks ago, two “price tag” acts were recorded in Jerusalem and near Ramallah. Hebrew hate slogans, including “Jesus is a son of a b****h” were spray-painted on a monastery in the capital’s Valley of the Cross.
Burnt car
The tires of three vehicles parked nearby were punctured and one car was found with a graffiti reading “Happy Hanukkah, triumph for the Maccabees.” Jerusalem police launched an investigation.
In a separate incident in a village near Ramallah, a car was torched and “price tag” graffiti was found nearby. Security forces are probing the matter.
Hate slogans
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s bureau said in response he was disgusted by the acts.
Netanyahu said: “This type of behavior goes against the Jewish values that we instill in our children. Freedom of religion will be preserved in Israel and we will persecute the heinous criminals that committed these acts.”

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