Nazi Jewish settlers attack Palestinian children with pepper spray and glass

Settler violence against Palestinians is a common occurence
Nazi Jewish Settler violence against Palestinians is a common occurence

The Wadi Halwa Information Centre has given details about illegal Nazi Jewish settlers who attacked Palestinian residents of Silwan and the Old City in Jerusalem during the week March 16th-25th. Nazi settlers, it is reported, used pepper spray against Palestinians, including children.On Monday morning, in Silwan, four Nazi Jewish settlers attacked 16-year old Mansour Nasser Abu-Madi as he was on his way to school. They swore at him and aimed pepper spray at his face. When the boy tried to defend himself, he was arrested by Zio-Nazi police who, however, did not intervene when he was attacked by the four Jews.
Abu-Madi was interrogated by police for 3 hours at the police station on Salaheddine Street without the presence of his parents. He was eventually released on condition of a 10-day house arrest which sees him only being allowed to go to school with the consent of his father. “The investigator told me he would contact me again after the Jewish holiday,” the boy said.
In the Old City, two other Nazi Jewish settlers attacked Ibrahim Ramzi Al-Rajabi, aged 9, on March 20th while he was on the roof of his own house. They threw glass at him at close range, causing deep cuts on his face.
On March 18th, a settler youth aged just 16 attacked Dina Murad Juwailis, 14, and her brother, aged 12, in the Wadi Halwa neighbourhood of Silwan while they were on their way to school. They were both assaulted with pepper spray by their Jewish attacker.

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