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B'Tselem בצלם

According to the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), in the incident captured on video on Friday evening, 7 Nov, the Israel Police sprayed skunk spray along Abu Tor Street in East Jerusalem – a street with some five schools – although there was no disturbance of the public peace at the time. The foul-smelling liquid was sprayed along both sides of the street, over homes and schools alike. Eyewitness Ziad a-Shimali, the head of the local school committee and a member of the Abu Tor neighborhood parent committee, said that the liquid was sprayed into schoolyards and on classroom windows. The resulting stench left the committee no choice but to call off school the next day.ACRI sent a sharp letter to the police commissioner: since July 2014, large swathes of East Jerusalem streets have been covered in tremendous amounts of skunk spray. This new phenomenon has affected the lives of tens of thousands of residents who have been forced to spend days on end living with this repulsive stench. Together with the difficulties in breathing, eating and sleeping freely, residents have reported feeling a deep humiliation as a result of this new reality. Police regulations regarding the use of skunk spray contain numerous provisions designed to ensure that this tool is used only for its intended purpose of dispersing public disturbances and riots such that it will not cause disproportionate harm to the public, harm that can last for many days. The use documented here is disproportionate, and therefore the police must cease using skunk spray in East Jerusalem, and particularly in crowded neighborhoods there.




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