Nazi forces escort Nazi Jewish settlers


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Nazi forces raided the town of Kifl Haris in the Salfit district of the central occupied West Bank overnight Saturday to provide protection for Nazi Jewish illegal settlers visiting a site believed to be a Jewish shrine.

Eyewitness Yousif Yaqoub told Ma’an that he counted about 30 Nazi military vehicles storming the center of the town to escort the settlers, with Nazi soldiers firing stun grenades.

Nazi forces then set up military checkpoints at the entrances to Kifl Haris and imposed curfew, according to Yaqoub.

A visit by Nazi Jewish illegal settlers to the site earlier this month that was not carried out in coordination with the Nazi army sparked clashes with locals youth, prompting Nazi army forces to raid Kifl Haris, when a number of Nazi Jewish settlers were reportedly detained and interrogated over “violating Nazi military orders that bans Zionist from entering Palestinian districts.”

Residents of Kifl Haris have been living a continuous tension due to Nazi Jewish settlers’ raids to allegedly visit Jewish religious sites.

A number of tombs exist in Kifl Haris, which Palestinians in the area believe to be the graves of Muslim prophet Dhul-Kifl, the Sufi saint Dhul-Nun, and another shrine built by 12-century Sultan Saladin.

However, some Jews believe the tombs belong to the biblical figures Joshua, Caleb, and Nun.

Like many other Palestinian towns across the West Bank with religiously significant sites, Kifl Haris, situated on the main road connecting the illegal Ariel settlement to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, commonly experiences incursions by Nazi Jewish settlers accompanied by armed escorts.

Nazi Jewish Settlers who visit the tombs to pray often actively disrupt Palestinian residents and damage property.

Meanwhile, Palestinians are restricted from visiting holy sites in Zionist occupied Palestine 1948 without hard-to-obtain permits from Nazi authorities.

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