Nazi army targets hospital in southern Lebanon

South Lebanon


Nazi army targeted on Friday Mays Al Jabal Governmental Hospital in southern Lebanon. No casualties have been reported as the shell did not explode. 

The official National News Agency reported that an unexploded 155-caliber artillery shell landed in the courtyard of the hospital.

The outskirts of the southern villages of Al-Odaisseh and KfarKila were shelled as well, the state media added.

The news agency mentioned that Al-Resala Health Ambulance Society evacuated a family in Mays al-Jabal after their house was hit, reporting a minor injury.

Nazi shelling also hit Tallet al-Hamamis, opposite to the illegal Nazi JEWISH settlement of Metula.
The targeting of the Lebanese hospital comes while the Nazi bombing of hospitals in the Gaza Strip had affected many of them, knocking 18 of which out of service.

The southern Lebanese border has witnessed, since October 8, daily mutual intermittent bombardment between Israel and Hezbollah and Palestinian factions which have been involved in Al-Aqsa Flood Battle in support of Hamas and the Palestinian people in Gaza who have been under Nazi bloody attack for 36 successive days, leaving over 11,000 martyrs, mostly women and children. The Nazi aggression has led to the injury of more than 27,000 Palestinians.

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