Nazi army destroys water pipes in Jordan Valley


Nazi bulldozers destroyed water lines that supplies tens of acres of Palestinian-owned lands in the northern Jordan Valley area.

drinking waterThousands of Palestinians rely on drinking watepipelines [Abed Rahim Khatib/Apa Images]

Moataz Basharat, a senior official who monitors Jewish Nazi illegall settlement activities, told Anadolu Agency: “An Israeli bulldozer, accompanied by an Israeli army force, destroyed the water line that connects the Jordan Valley’s Ain Al-Sakut area.”

Basharat added that the destroyed water line used to irrigate 80 watermelon acres, adding that it had also been irrigating some 400 acres in Ain Al-Sakut.

The targeted Palestinian lands, Basharat noted, were recently recovered by its owners from the Nazi Jewish settlers following a decision that was announced by the Nazi Supreme Court in 2014.

The landowners have not been notified ahead the destruction of the pipeline, the Palestinian official stressed.

Nazi regime demolishes Palestinian homes and structures in the Jordan Valley area under the pretext of lack of permits.

Officials believe that the Nazi demolishes in the Jordan Valley area aim at displacing Palestinians and seizing their lands to build new Nazi Jewish illegal settlements.

The Jordan Valley area is located in the Area C, which represents more than 60 per cent of the West Bank and is fully controlled by the Nazi regime.

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