Natural Born Killers


Rest In Peace– Ahmed Samouni from Zeitoun, Gaza / Operation Cast Lead, January, 2009
As soon as the slaughter began, I avoided it–meaning the internet–like the plague. I had already been through it before–a thousand times at least–and knew if I was to keep what little sanity I had left I simply could not do it, meaning looking at the photos, and particularly those of innocent kids being shot and blown to pieces.
It’s not that I’m the typical callous, stupid American who would rather see Britney Spears wiggling and jiggling herself to pieces in some new music video than the real-life suffering of real-life others. Rather, it is the other direction–I’m over-sensitive to it and for the easy-to-understand reason that those pictures look just like any one my 9 kids. Just about every boy or girl–Palestinian, Lebanese, Iraqi or whatnot–is a spitting image to one of mine, and not by accident, but due to the fact that the blood running through the veins of my kids and those kids in the Middle East is the same.
And then, by accident, I stumbled across one without warning. I couldn’t take my eyes away from it because the little boy looks (looked) just like my little boy, with his brown hair and dark, almond-shaped eyes endemic to the Arabs of Palestine and Lebanon where part of my family comes from. His eyes were open and his face was serene, as if the last thing he was looking at before someone snapped the picture was the smiling face of God welcoming him to paradise.
The only thing differentiating the little boy in the photo and my little boy is that this little boy whose name I do not know had a bullet hole right in the middle of his small chest, a gift given to him personally by one of the Goddamned Jews.
Yes, THE Goddamned Jews. Sadly, I DO lump all of them in together now, thank you very much, despite the fact it is not considered ‘polite’ these days. I am well-aware of the fact it’s not ‘nice’ and it’s not ‘fair’ and all the rest of that, but it is what it is nevertheless. I know we’re supposed to go through these cathartic, orgasmic, ecstatic fits of jubilation whenever we come across one out of a million of them who appears to have a shred of decency and speaks out against what their cousins are doing.
However, as far as I’m concerned doing such is no different than finding one, solitary pit bull out of the pack who doesn’t have that killer instinct and who won’t tear you and your loved ones to pieces in an instant for no reason and then adopting the attitude that this single, solitary little doggie constitutes the rule and all the other 99% constitute a mere aberration.
The reason I don’t partake of the delusion anymore is because after many years the light bulb finally went off in my head and I discovered what ‘being a Jew’ means. Despite a very deliberate, carefully-executed propaganda campaign to keep the rest of us in the dark and confused, the fact is that it’s really not that tough to nail down. The Jews–both of today and yesterday–are people of the Old Testament, who claim to adhere to the teachings of a god named Yahweh and who revel in the history of their forefathers.
And what is this Old Testament, who is this Yahweh and who are these forefathers they aspire to emulate? Well, the Old Testament is like their family album they open on a regular basis for guidance. In it, Yahweh speaks to them and tells them what to do, the constant theme of which is that he loves them and ONLY THEM and hates everyone else and that it’s their duty as his loyal subjects to act as the instruments of his hatred for everyone else, meaning they are to invade, murder, tear down, burn down, enslave, rape, dispossess and steal from those on his shitlist.
Bitch and moan about it all you want fellow earthlings, but facts are facts, and if you can’t see that this Old Testament is the playbook these people are using in causing murder and carnage in the Middle East and beyond, than I don’t know what to say. It’s as incontrovertible as the connection between cigarette smoking and lung cancer and anyone who argues otherwise has obviously checked out of the Hotel Reality.
And when looked at in this light therefore, suddenly those huge walls erected by (who else?) Jews, claiming that there is this BIIIIIIG difference between the “holy” religion of Judaism and the modern terrorist ideology known as Zionism come tumbling down and we find out that once again, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, just as Israel’s intelligence service Mossad likes to say ‘By way of deception, thou shalt do war’, we have all been snookered into believing in something which does not exist.
And therefore the bottom line is this–There are no such things as anti-Zionist Jews. If they are Jews–meaning they adhere to the Old Testament and all that business of genocide and destruction of Gentiles–then they are by default Zionists.
So therefore we should not be in the least bit surprised to see the present carnage in Gaza taking place with its thousands of civilian deaths and injuries…nor the polls indicating overwhelming Jewish support for it…nor the photos of Jews holding hands and dancing the Hora in celebratory fashion…Nor the complete lack of compassion, mercy, sense of justice, or whatever on the part of Jews, nor the completely one-sided, lying coverage it is getting in the media, both in America and beyond, saying that the past, present and future bombing of homes, hospitals and schools is all part of some “defensive action”.
The fact is, by virtue of their Old Testament, they are, were and always will be natural born killers and are behaving as their spiritual nature dictates. For them to do otherwise would be an aberration as much as it would be for the Lion to one day befriend the lamb.
What else are we to conclude from the past and present of a people who revel in the suffering they cause others? Is there any other religious group that celebrates regularly the wholesale slaughter of others as Judaism does in Passover and Purim? Imagine for a moment if Islam celebrated some event where a bunch of Jews were killed by the Muslims, it would be added on top of the already-existing list of items justifying them being wiped off the map as is taking place today. If the Germans celebrated the extermination of the Jews said to have taken place during WWII, we would never hear the end of how horrible such a ‘festival’ was.
And yet, that is exactly what the Jews celebrate–GENTILE DEATH AND SUFFERING and in the event we Gentiles don’t appreciate such festivities WE, NOT THEY–become the most dirty rotten scoundrels possible, meaning anti-Semites and Jew haters.
And again, there is nothing that should be shocking about any of this. It is the “nature of the beast”, as they say. Remember the lessons of the last half century, about Adolph Hitler, “the most evil man in the world“ and his book Mein Kampf? Like, like, like, OMG, it’s like he TOLD us what he was going to do, and then, like, like, like OMG, he DID it. REMEMBER??? Same with the 2nd MOST evil man in history, Osama Bin Laden and his book the Koran–Like, like, like, OMG, it’s like he TOLD us what he was going to do, and then, like, like, like, like, like, like…OMG, he DID it…’
…or so the “conventional” wisdom tells us.
The lesson shoved down our throats in both cases was that all you need to do in figuring out what “evil men” will do is crawl into their heads by reading some of their literature.
And yet, where is this dawning realization today on the part of the Christian world as pertains our Jewish friends? Where is this “Like, like, like, OMG, it’s like they TOLD us what they were going to do, and then, like, like, like, like, like, like…OMG, they DID it”.
Sadly, the aforementioned Christian world can be divided into two classes–the first being those who think the carnage taking place is a good thing because the Jews are God’s chosen people and they are merely doing what God told them to, and the other half who couldn’t give the proverbial rat’s ass.
I used to be shocked by the stories of Israel and what she did to the Arabs. I used to ask questions like “how” and “why”. Now, the only question I ask is why it doesn’t happen more often and with more intensity and viciousness, but I‘m sure that will come, eventually. The Jews are addicted to violence against gentiles like some meth addict who loses his mind when he goes into withdrawal and tears the place up. And don’t give me that business about your “nice Jewish neighbor” who never hurt anyone in her life. If she is sending money to Israel, donating to Jewish causes or remains silent about what has happened-PAST OR PRESENT– or taking the “we must defeat Hamas” line, then she is ‘one of them’ as the saying goes.
Remember that the heroes and role models to today’s Jewish community are individuals such as Moses, Joshua, David, Saul, Samson, Judah, Joseph and the rest who were no better than street thugs who believed they had the right to “do unto others” whatever the hell they felt like doing. The only difference between them and some professional wise guy is that they managed to make it all into a religion and convince a lot of people to accept it as such, an act that will one day be classified by historians, philosophers, social scientists and all-around-decent folk as the pivotal cause of civilization’s downfall, the day that the body befriended the virus and told the immune system to stand down.
But the ugly truth certainly does not end there. Not content to suffer their addition to death by themselves, they have to infect as many others as possible as well. Just like the vampire, whose legend was based upon the Jewish mindset, once he bites you, you become just like him, which is exactly what has happened to the Christian world today. Having allowed these natural born killers into their respective societies and having allowed them to bite into the necks of their institutions–political, financial, religious, etc, now they too have become vampires as well, and with that, natural born killers. The fact of the matter is that Israel, the angel of death, both in the Middle East and beyond, would never have come into existence were it not for the assistance of the Christian countries who gave the Jewish state money, arms, nuclear technology, and every other weapon she needed to wreak havoc upon the world.
But this killing and destruction to which they are addicted is not limited to simply bombs and bullets as it all exists in the Middle East. Is it an accident that America’s economy–firmly in the hands of Jewish financial interests–is barely alive and the moment someone pulls the life-support plug it will succumb to its inevitable demise? Is it an accident that the “Christian” west, having long ago surrendered her social institutions to Jewish power is now in the final stage of Judaism’s “final solution” for its arch-enemy, Christendom?
Remember what we were told concerning Hitler and the Nazis and their reasons for doing what they did? An unqualified “Because that’s what Nazis DO…’ Same with the Muslims. “That’s what Muslims DO’ as if all their actions directed against Jewish interests were an irrational, unchangeable, organic characteristic of their beings that warranted them being “nipped in the bud” as soon as any evidence of their existence made itself known.
And with this as the model then, firmly established by the Jews themselves, when we as rational, moral people look out upon the landscape, littered as it is with blood and bodies and incalculable suffering as a result of Jewish interests, what we are left to conclude in all of this is this–‘That’s what Jews DO…What they‘ve ALWAYS done and what they‘ll ALWAYS DO…”
When the Jews declare themselves to no longer be such, when they disassociate themselves from and repudiate the genocidal commandments and equally-genocidal tendencies these commandments produce, at that point I will believe them to be cured, or at the very least on the way to being cured as “recovering Judaics”.
Until that time however, I must conclude that they are what their actions have determined them to be throughout history, which is simply, natural born killers.
2008 Mark Glenn

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