My Rabbi, What BIG Teeth You Have…

Mark Glenn

I suppose that as someone who looks favorably upon the person and teachings of Jesus that I should be at least a little grateful.

After all, TALK ABOUT A ONE-FREAKING-EIGHTY–One minute (2,000 years’ worth, to be near-precise) there He is–Jesus, the cursed carpenter from Nazareth–wretched, despised (‘may his name be blotted out’ as it says in the Talmud) traitor to the Jewish nation who ‘got what He deserved’ after being framed by the Jewish leadership of His day, nailed to a tree, consigned to hell by rabbinic decree to boil ad eternum in a vat of His own bodily fluids, and next thing you know, after a pinch of ‘Mazel Tov’ and a–


–He becomes the hero of a new book, published in (of all places) Israel and written by (of all people) a Chabad Lubavitch rabbi…

The Chinese have an old saying—‘May you live in interesting times…’

Yeah, I’d say this one qualifies as a bona fide ‘Been there, done that.’

The scribbler in question, one Shmuley Boteach (‘America’s Rabbi,’ as he affectionately refers to himself) apparently has–with the effortless wave of his magic wand (and a little help from his Jewish publisher–transformed the formerly-cursed, wretched, despised “Jesus F***ing Christ” (as Jews generally like to refer to Him) into “Jesus Christ Superstar”, prodigal son and “great patriot” to the Jewish state and her people.

No, fellow earthlings, you are not hearing things, so no need adjusting your dial. It’s true–a died-in-the-wool Talmudic rabbi had something sort-of/kind-of/almost nice to say about Jesus…

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and get ‘caught up’ in the moment here ladies and Gentilemen. Remember, as is typical when dealing with those of the non-goyische persuasion amongst us, there is definitely more to all this than meets the eye. As Jesus Himself once quipped (and what most likely sealed the deal as far as His death sentence was concerned) playing fast and loose with the truth–in other words–


–was (is) the rabbis’ ‘native tongue’.

You know what that means, don’t you? That means telling the truth for them is like speaking a FOREIGN LANGUAGE. Therefore anytime circumstances arise requiring that they raise their right claw—I mean hand–and swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help them G-d, suddenly—

… ‘it’s all Greek’ to them.

Anyway, getting back to the original topic, what more can we say concerning the central thesis of Boteach’s book other than–


Jesus as a 1st century version of ‘Braveheart’…Sure didn’t see THAT ONE coming. And to think, the rest of us in the civilized world were just getting used to all the hissing, pissing, moaning and groaning that organized Jewish interests display whenever Jesus’ name comes up for discussion in anything OTHER than the typically-spiteful, vindictive, derisive, mocking and abusive manner that we regularly see on the Jewish mainstream media, hereafter referred to simply as ‘JMSM’.

And now, some 20 centuries later, a Judeo-Christian ‘love-in’ as big as Alan Dershowitz’ reservoir of unlikable, obnoxious behavior, led by (again, of all people) a Chabad rabbi, the spiritual/political equivalent of a Sith Lord with marching orders to seek-and-destroy Christianity and all its precepts until nothing of it remains.

Beam me up Scotty, I have now seen it all.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, pickled to the gills in a vat of the most briny, bitter witch’s brew of Jewish supremacism/Jewish elitism and plain old ghetto-variety Jewish abrasiveness throughout his whole life…Member in good standing of the most racist, Gentile-hating sect within Judaism (Chabad Lubavitch) suddenly having a ‘Saul on the road to Damascus’ moment and rejecting all that Talmudic teaching he received about Jesus’ place in human history as a sorcerer, a sex pervert and a traitor to the Jewish nation?

Please excuse the brief stroll down Brothers Grimm Lane here fellow humanfolk, but why do I suddenly feel like I’ve just landed on one of the pages of that storybook featuring some innocent girl staring into the face of a large canine predator who’s using every verbal enticement he can think of to get her neck as close as possible to his mouth so that he can tell her how he REALLY feels about her?

I’d just LOVE to do it, fellow Gentiles…REALLY, I would…What a joy to be able to go along with this one and for once just say ‘What the hey, maybe things are turning in our favor…’

The problem with it all is that particular odor that just won’t leave my nostrils…Sulfuric, pungent, caustic, like death warmed over, rotten eggs or old battery acid…

And not just the smells, but the sounds as well…Laughter (more like snickering, actually) faintly but distinctly distinguishable, taking place in locales where Boteach and his confreres gather when discussing the thesis of his book.

And so, in the midst of this, I can only conclude that the nose knows…Me schnaz thinketh something stinketh and from this fact my mind not shrinketh…

In other words, there is simply no getting ‘round it. I smell a rat and that is that.

I mean, why so late coming to such conclusions? The Jews—and more importantly, the spiritual intelligentsia responsible for providing them with their religious instruction—have had 2,000 years to study ‘The Jesus Question’, and up to this point they have been in unanimous agreement that He should occupy the unenviable position previously described in the aforementioned Talmud. Furthermore, as we are told on a daily basis, the rabbis are next to GOD HIMSELF and endowed with an intelligence FAR superior to that of mere Gentiles. Therefore, WHY NOW, of all times, when powerful Jewish interests DESPERATELY need Christian money, Christian military power and Christian political support in fighting (slaughtering) the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims for the benefit of the Jewish sta–

Uh oh…Hold on…I think we just put our foot into something here ladies and Gentilefolk. A possible explanation into the timing and motive of it all…


In the interests of journalistic fairness, I’ll state right off the bat that have not read the book nor do I plan to line rabbi Shmoozy Shmuley’s pockets by buying one. The fact that at least part of the $30 million a day his country—Israel–receives from America comes out of my pocket should suffice for now…

However, for purposes of this discussion, we can assume that Haaretz (one of the biggest mainstream news sources in Israel) more likely than not got it right in the story they ran concerning the book. In a piece entitled “New book by U.S. rabbi depicts Jesus as a ‘Jewish patriot’” we reads as follows–

‘Kosher Jesus,’ the first book by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach to be published in Israel, draws praise from Glenn Beck but raises others’ eyebrows.

“Kosher Jesus,” Boteach’s first book published in Israel, asserts that because Christians no longer consider Jews to be their enemies, it is therefore time to recognize Jesus as a Torah-abiding Jewish patriot.”

Ok, let’s stop right there. “Because Christians no longer consider Jews to be their enemies…” is definitely worth noting and discussing.

Firstly, the fact that a particular group of sheep no longer view the wolves as their enemies doesn’t mean the wolves AREN’T. All it means is that now it will be easier for the wolves when supper time rolls around as the sheep will not be as skittish as they were before.

But more important than this is HOW Christians can come to such a conclusion, in and of itself a paralyzingly amazing phenomenon…How can any Christian—THESE DAYS, IN PARTICULAR—in his or her right mind entertain such  notions? The war on Jesus and Christianity is in full swing, and NOT being waged by space aliens, Druids or MOOZLIMS, but rather by powerful Jewish interests in near-total control of media, politics, law and every other function available to them. The last century—THE JEWISH CENTURY, as Jewish writer Yuri Slezkine put it–has been a tsunami of mocking, derision, and all-too-obvious contempt for the person of Jesus and the plans for society He advocated.

And as a result, the ENTIRE Christian character of the West has been transformed into something perverse and sterile of any proactive properties, DEFINITELY something more to the Jews’ liking. All one need do is turn on the TV at any time of day to see what has become of the ‘Christian’ character of the West to see it has gone the way of the dinosaur.

And so we can safely conclude that Boteach’s assertion concerning ‘Christians not viewing Jews as their enemies’ is something unnatural and unhealthy, no different than a body’s immune system no longer raising a fever or any other self-defense mechanism when threatened by an invading virus. Such a body will not live long.

Next, Jesus as a “Torah-abiding Jewish patriot.”

Complete and utter hogwash, proven (not the least of which) by the fact that Jesus’ “Torah avoidance” was something His enemies cited TIME AND AGAIN as “proof” that He was dangerous to the “traditions” of the Jewish state. He healed on the Sabbath (A BIG nyet-nyet as far as the Torah was concerned), cavorted with “sinners”, did not do the ceremonial washing before eating, picked grains of wheat on the Sabbath, did not pay the temple tax, and in one instance, prevented a mob of 1st century JDL-types from stoning a woman to death for adultery, a penalty mandated by the same Torah that Boteach claims Jesus ‘abided’. When asked which of the 600+ Torah laws were the most important in order to be a ‘good Jew’, Jesus REALLY threw a monkey wrench into the whole thing by saying they could all be reduced to only 2—Loving God and loving your neighbor. And if THIS was not bad enough, when asked to qualify the term ‘neighbor’, He made the mistake—some might say ‘fatal’–of saying it included ALL PEOPLE, INCLUDING NON-JEWS.

But, as we said earlier, being that this is a discussion driven by Talmudic “logic” means there is much more to this than meets the eye.

When Boteach talks about Jesus being a ‘Torah abiding Jewish patriot,’ the post-hypnotic suggestion he is really trying to plant in the minds of gullible Christians is of Jesus as the war-junkie/Fox News addict/personal friend of Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and Geert Wilders/regular speaker at Tea Party rallies screeching about the dangers of ‘Islamo-Facism’ and ‘Sharia law’ and financial contributor to creatures such as Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich et al. Doing thus, Boteach and the rest of his fellow warlocks and black magicians are in effect painting Jesus up in the same bloody war paint worn by worshippers of Israel found in every corner of America today. Ecce, Jesus the warrior, out there on the front lines, whooping it up and cheering on the murder of innocent people in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Gaza, Lebanon, etc, etc, etc.

Why? Because that is what Torahism is, folks…Blood, guts, gore, despoilment, usury, rape, enslavement (and a few more things we’ll leave out here for the sake of brevity) and all of it for the Jewish state and her people. It is the seed from which the ugly, thorny tree of Jewish supremacism springs, a tree producing the bitter, rancid fruit of Jewish hatred for Gentiles in all its forms history has come to know. It is THE blank check Jewish interests—organized or not–have used for thousands of years in making war against innocent people, stealing their wealth and mass murdering them in the process.

Not convinced? Let us then consider just ONE PASSAGE (out of hundreds we could cite) from the same Torah that supposedly “Jesus the Jewish patriot” revered and which today is used in justifying all the bloodshed we see taking place in the Middle East on Israel’s behalf—

“When the LORD your God brings you into the land you are to possess and casts out the many peoples living there, you shall then slaughter them all and utterly destroy them…You shall make no agreements with them nor show them any mercy…You shall destroy their altars, break down their images, cut down their groves and burn their graven images with fire. For you are a holy people unto the LORD thy God and He has chosen you to be a special people above all others upon the face of the earth…”

–Book of Deuteronomy, 7:1-8

In the event the reader finds the previous passage just a tad on the salty side, remember, there are dozens (hundreds?) more just like it.

Mystery solved then as to why Boteach & co are so hip to the idea of Jesus being a Torah head-case like them. In effect, it is putting the ultimate seal of approval on that process of Jewish ritual murder taking place right now known as the ‘war on terror’.

Yeah, we can just see Boteach’s version of it now…Jesus as an IDF general, instructing His troops to show ‘no mercy on Amalek,’ exactly as took place in Operation Cast Lead. Innocent men, women and children—sometimes entire families—ripped to shreds and incinerated when bombs (blessed by rabbis just like Boteach) are dropped on their homes. There He is, Jesus, side-by-side with armed-to-the-teeth thugs born and raised in places such as Brooklyn and Berkley, high as a kite after being schooled on how their Old Testament forefathers went into non-Jewish villages and slaughtered ‘everything that breatheth’…Next we have Jesus dancing the Hora with fellow Israelite warriors in celebration of the burning white phosphorous that was just dropped on the same innocent children whom Jesus Christ loved…Next is Him getting in front of the news cameras and lying through His teeth saying that ‘no civilians’ were targeted in the massacre, that the IDF is the ‘most moral army’ in the world, that ‘great pains’ were taken to avoid ‘unnecessary suffering’ and that any news reports saying different are nothing more than ‘conspiracy theories’ dreamed up by Jew haters and anti-Semites.

As we said earlier, DEFINITELY ‘interesting times’ we are living in

The Haaretz article continues—

“This book is telling the Jews to reclaim Jesus, the authentic Jesus, the historical Jesus, the Jewish Jesus” and to be inspired by his “beautiful” teachings, the U.S.-born author and TV show host told Anglo File this week in Jerusalem. “It’s asking Christians to make an effort to enrich their Christianity through an understanding of the Jewishness of Jesus.”

The ‘Jewishness of Jesus’… Does Boteach mean ‘Jewish’ in the same sense as some of the following non-goyische luminaries–

Lenin, leader of the Bolshevik revolution who personally oversaw the murder of  20 million Gentiles?

Or perhaps ‘Jewish’ like ‘comedienne’ Sarah Silverman, famous for saying “I hope the Jews did kill Christ…I’d do it again, I’d f***ing do it AGAIN in a second.’

Or maybe ‘Jewish’ like Bernie Madoff and the rest of his cousins on Wall Street who have robbed hundreds of millions of Americans of their hard-earned wealth, kicked them out of their homes and left them penniless, as the Jews did to the Egyptians in the book of Exodus?…

Maybe Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu who—with barely-contained glee–said in an interview that the deaths of 3,000 Americans on 9/11 was ‘good’ because it would generate ‘immediate sympathy’ for Israel…

Jonathon Pollard—That must be what Boteach is talking about. Gave away a million pages of the most sensitive national security secrets America possessed at that time to the Jewish state who in turn passed them along to America’s enemies, resulting in the deaths of as many as 1,000 American intelligence assets/agents and endangering every single American TO THIS DAY…

Al Goldstein, mega porn-king who once said Jesus Christ sucks…Is that it?

Or ‘Jewish’ like rabbi Ovadiah Yusef of Israel who recently compared Gentiles to donkeys and said that their only purpose on this earth was to serve the Jews…

God, we could go on and on with this, but there is not enough time and there are not enough trees for all the paper that would be needed to list it all.

Suffice it to say, Jesus would have NOTHING whatsoever to do with any of the aforementioned ‘Jewish’ characters, nor with those not mentioned but who should be.

Jesus was ‘Jewish’ like the earth is flat—an often-repeated but poorly-founded lie meant to delude people into supporting certain pre-conceived policies that benefit only a few profligate individuals. In this line of ‘reasoning’, Boteach is doing what rabbis do best—lying through his teeth.

And if the aforementioned aspect of the ‘Jewish’ Jesus is not reflective of the intellectual arrogance and dishonesty Boteach & co display as their calling cards, the other aspect of Jews ‘reclaiming’ the ‘authentic’ Jesus and ‘being inspired’ by his ‘beautiful’ teachings just about takes the cake. This is not just ordinary run-of-the-mill ‘hogwash’ but rather ‘industrial strength’ that would cause the pain to peel off the walls…

All sane persons residing on planet Earth can ABSOLUTELY FORGET about Jews ‘being inspired’ by Jesus’ ‘beautiful’ teachings. They weren’t interested then and they DEFINITELY AREN’T interested now. What does Jesus have to offer them in this that they find valuable to themselves both individually and collectively?


Being part of His team means embracing things such as temperance, humility, (LOL!!!) self-sacrifice, forbearance, compassion and impoverishment. There is NO ROOM for any of the ‘Chosen people’ BS. He was/is not a warmonger like Moses, David, Joshua or any of the other Old Testament heroes Jews have come to love. He did not/does not promise gold, silver, diamonds, power and Wall Street…He preached neither Jewish nationalism nor any “make footstools of your enemies” war-sermons. He never reveled in the past thievery, dishonesty and criminality of the Jewish patriarchs but instead held up a mirror to the collective Jewish personality and showed the victims of this delusion what an ugly people they had become as a result of the teachings and traditions they followed, and as a result


And make no mistake, if He came back today, the Jews would deal with Him in EXACTLY the same manner that they dealt with him 2,000 years ago for the simple reason that what He is offering runs in complete contradiction to what they have been taught to embrace and practice through their religion and traditions.

Therefore, the snake oil Boteach & co are trying to sell here is the ‘Barabbas’ Jesus—violent, nationalistic, unrepentant, and fanatical. The obvious proof that Jesus was not like Barabbas is the fact that when given the choice, the Jews chose the warmonger Barabbas INSTEAD of the peacemonger Jesus.

Haaretz continues–

“Suddenly we have evangelical Christians emerging as the foremost supporters of the state of Israel,” he said. “We have this political alliance. What is lacking is a theological bridge.”

And, VOILA, there you have it, ladies and Gentilemen…It’s not enough that the Jewish state gets $30 million big ones a day from the US, nor that Christian sons and daughters are fighting the Jews’ Goddamned wars for her. Not content with merely taking our money and the blood of our loved ones, the Jews have to take our religion as well.

The reasons for this are obvious and yet, at the same time, not. Obvious in the sense that they—Boteach & co–want to make sure that Jewish interests are successful in preventing Christians from recognizing the obvious disparity between the teachings of Jesus and the foreign policy actions of their respective governments to the point they might actually do something REALLY CRAZY like take an interest in politics and eventually stop feeding the big war machine with their money and political support…

But equally as important is this, and it cannot be discounted or underestimated—Judaism and the personhood/teachings of Jesus are as disparate from each other as heaven and hell…They are locked in interminable, perpetual and mortal combat. There can be no ‘peaceful co-existence’ between the two. Jews recognize this fact, Christians do not.

Thus, part of what Boteach & co are trying to accomplish in this latest masterpiece in Judaic subterfuge is the ULTIMATE corporate takeover of Christianity for the purposes of ultimate liquidation.

By changing the fundamentals of the corporation, what these takeover interests hope to affect is a complete re-ordering of the board of directors and eventually the product it makes, in many ways mimicking what was done to Disney after it was taken over by Jewish interests—what was once pure and innocent became a fountainhead for every conceivable form of moral filth once control of the venture switched hands.

And, finally, Haaretz concludes with the following–

Christian scripture “doesn’t add up” when it portrays Jesus as a self-hating Jew, or when it lists sins that allegedly led Jews to condemn him, Boteach said. Jesus never declared himself God or meant to abolish Jewish law, he asserts.

Boteach said he regrets that Jews allowed Jesus “to be ripped away from them without even a fight.”

“We just accepted a Christian interpretation of his life and narrative,” he said. “One of the most influential people of all time is seen as a Christian who loved the Romans and said the Jews are all the children of the devil.”

But “Christian ideas of Jesus as divine messiah emerged as a savvy adaptation following the destruction of the Second Temple,” Boteach explained. Once Jews understand that, he writes that they “can take inspiration from Jesus’ often beautiful ethical teachings and appreciate Jesus as a devoted Jewish son who became martyred while trying to lift the Roman yoke of oppression from his beloved people.”

Indeed, in his new book – which he expects will become “seminal” – he writes that Pope Benedict XVI asked him for an autographed photograph. Glenn Beck, the controversial U.S.-Christian media personality, hailed “Kosher Jesus” as a “must-read for everyone willing to venture slightly out of their comfort zone.”

“Christians are our best friends today,” says Boteach. “There has to be a discussion of the theology. You can’t have this 600-pound gorilla in the room and just ignore it.”

Again, the typically-Jewish arrogance is as suffocating as the stink from an outhouse in the middle of August…

Christian scriptures ‘don’t add up?’ For whatever faults they may have, nevertheless the Christians have been at this for 2,000 years, and yet this arrogant, haughty, lying rabbi is going to come and ‘teach us a thing or 2’ about Jesus, the same man whose religion depicts Jesus—OUR JESUS–as a sex freak, sorcerer and bastard son of a prostitute.

The good news is that the magic spell Boteach & co are attempting to cast is easily neutralized. A blind man can see through it in an instant, once he plugs the teachings of Jesus concerning the rabbis into the equation…

The bad news is that most Christians DON’T know about these teachings. Thanks in large part to Jewish interests having penetrated organized Christianity—including the Vatican itself—the awareness concerning Jesus as an anti-Zionist/anti-Judaic freedom fighter is almost non-existent, and as a result, Christians today are more likely than not going to swallow Boteach’s bait hook, line and sinker and will not realize they have been snookered until they hit the frying pan. Hell, even the Pope himself has asked for an autographed copy, and no doubt he will praise this pack of lies written by a representative of the same class of people who revel in the dirty tricks they played in having Jesus killed 20 centuries past.

Now, are we, on this Sunday morning, going to go so far as to use the same kind of language Jesus used in describing men such as Boteach, calling him and his associates a ‘den of vipers’ and ‘children of the devil’? Are we going to damn them in the exact same manner Jesus Himself did when He asked rhetorically‘How will you escape going to hell?’

Well, I think that on this Sunday morning, the day that Christians worldwide celebrate the utter failure of Jewish interests in  their attempt at eradicating the ‘beautiful teachings’ of Jesus, that perhaps we can take a page from His book, to ‘love’ our enemies and to ‘not return evil for evil’ and instead, simply make our feelings for Boteach and his most recent ‘kiss of Judas’ on the cheek of the Christian community known by simply saying—

My rabbi, what BIG teeth you have…

4 thoughts on “My Rabbi, What BIG Teeth You Have…

  1. “The bad news is that most Christians DON’T know about these teachings. Thanks in large part to Jewish interests having penetrated organized Christianity…”
    AAAAT! WRONG! Thanks in large part to (dun dun dun) PAUL PAUL PAUL PAUL PAUL.
    Christianity is NOT simply NOT based on the teachings of Jesus but on the hairbrained screwball theories of Paul the lunatic gnostic.

  2. Of course as contradictory and mythological as the gospels are its clear enough that Jesus never existed, that the Pagan Christians just took Mithras and changed his name to Jesus, put a few rabbinic sayings and OT quotes in his mouth, faked a few prophecy fulfillment by twisting prophecies out of context, and said “here is our God!” He wasn’t a Torah-observant Jewish patriot, and he wasn’t God incarnate–he simply wasn’t. He’s a myth.

  3. Thank you for your message, Mr. Grundmann. Although I have avoided taking sides in the battle of factions in AIP-CA, and I try not to get involved in interpersonal matters between the partisans of those factions; I do find the continuing debate to be rather informative and interesting.

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