My friend Shelby

This came to me from my friend and fellow DYR member Shelby Tucker.
Shelby is an American living in the UK, a writer of books that always seem to feature long journeys but also moral truths as well.

He appears to be in close touch with old Andover and Yale classmates with whom he seems to be in constant dialogue – usually involving him speaking the truth and them having trouble seeing it.

Here he is in action:

Dear Stephan

 I, too, regret the missed opportunity for catching up on each other’s news over the past sixty years and for meeting Jean at the reunion. Reunions are much too short; even a week would have been too little. I hope you and Jean will redress that by visiting us when you are next in England, details below.
I’m afraid I can’t remember sending you or anyone a lengthy article concerning the ‘holocaust’. For the record, I am a ‘holocaust’ revisionist, not a ‘holocaust’ denier, which means that I distrust some of the claims of the ‘holocaust’ proponents, e.g., that six million ‘Jews’ died in ‘concentration camps’ and in gas chambers. Nor do I profess to be an authority on these issues, but I am able to refer you to the following. I don’t claim that they are dispositive. They merely present facts and views never heard in the media.
1.    A.R. Butz (1976) The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry (Ukfield, UK: Historical Review Press); also (Torrance, CA: Institute for Historical Review) ISBN 091103823X
2.    Thomas Dalton (2009) Debating the Holocaust: A New Look at Both Sides(New York: Theses and Dissertations Press)
3.    Robert Faurisson (1980) Mémoire en défense: contre ceux qui m’accusent defalsifierl’histoire (Paris: La Vielle Taupe) and
4.    (1982) Réponse à Pierre Vidal-Naquet (Paris: La Vieille Taupe)
5.    Serge Thion, ed. (1980) Vérité historique ou vérité politique : le dossier del’affaire Faurisson : la question des chambres à gaz (Paris: La Vielle Taupe)
papers, articles and websites
1.    Paul Eisen (2012) ‘How could the Holocaust not be true?’
3.    (2012) ‘The War for the Truth’ and
5.    Joel Hayward (1993) M.A. thesis “The Fate of Jews in German Hands”
and videos
2.    Dr Ingrid Rimland, author of The Wanderers and Lebensraum, on German ‘gas’ chambers. Skip to 50 minutes.
3.    Ernest Zündel, Off your knees, Germany
 You will have noted that I have enclosed ‘holocaust’, ‘concentration camps’ and ‘Jews’ in quotation marks (inverted commas).
 ‘Holocaust’ suggests that ‘Jewish’ suffering under the Nazis was unique both in occurrence and magnitude, neither of which is true. Whatever the number, ‘Jewish’ fatalities pall in comparison with the number of Russian deaths during the Second World War (‘commonly estimated in excess of 20 million’[1] but some say 40 million) and the victims of Mongol invasions. ‘In August 1400, Tamerlane [Timur i Lenk or Timur the Lame] took Sivas [in modern Turkey]. In October he took Aleppo and Hama [in modern Syria]. All men and children were butchered, but thousands of women were rounded up, even in the mosques, stripped naked and raped publically. The inhabitants were torn limb from limb, flayed or burned alive. The raping, killing and torturing lasted for nineteen days. Finally Tamerlane set fire to the city and marched away on 19th March, 1401, leaving Damascus a furnace of smoke and flames.’[2] The Assyrians and Babylonians massacred most of the inhabitants when they invaded Judea in 587 B.C., and you will be aware of the Ottomans’ massacre of Armenians and other Christians. Fifty thousand Hugenots were massacred on St. Bartholomew’s Day (24 August) 1572, the list goes on and on, nor can we ignore our murder of over a million Iraqis (a Johns Hopkins estimate) on the pretext that ‘Saddam Husein’ had weapons of mass destruction and ‘to bring democracy to the Middle East’.
 We imprisoned Japanese and others of doubtful loyalty to the United States in internment camps, but assert that the Germans consigned their prisoners to ‘concentration camps’.
Zionists have adopted the fiction that everyone having a Jewish forebear is a Jew to promote identification with Israel, regardless of his religion, race, ethnicity, nationality or political persuasion. In 1972, I arrived by camel at the Sudanese village Al-Gallabat, dismounted and walked across a small shallow stream to the Ethiopian village Metemma, populated by thin black people with bushy hair. I had not the slightest notion that these were Falashas, pre-Talmudic Jews. To me they were Ethiopians, and I doubt that any of my Andover and Yale classmates who considered himself or was considered by others to be ‘Jewish’ would feel that he had less in common with me culturally, racially, politically, morally and even theologically than he had with them. I believe that 237 years on from 1776, 224 years after 1789 and 228 years on from the death of Emperor Joseph II, the terms Jew and Jewish should be reserved for adherents to Judaism, as ‘Christians’, ‘Muslims’, ‘Hindus’ and ‘Buddhists’ are reserved for adherents to those faiths.
 You state that ‘under no circumstances should the horrific problems that now beset the Middle East be used to undermine the remembrance of the holocaust.’ Alas, Stephan, Zionists use the ‘Holocaust’ to divert attention from their theft of Palestinian land and treatment of Palestinians. See Norman G Finkelstein (2000, 2001, 2003): The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering (London: Verso).
 Nothing said above should be taken to diminish the magnitude of your family’s suffering under the Nazis. Have you kept up with or have any trace of Guenter Levin von Wulffen? Do you remember wrestling me? I attach our class’s necrology, sent to your previous email address, and look forward to seeing you and Jean at our 65th or earlier in Oxford.
God bless

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