By: Daniel Mabsout

My story with Kimberly Amatallah is not uncommon and is on one hand very revealing and with many implications . One thinks usually that what is happening to one is an isolated incident that relates personally to him and not to any one else , not so , because what happened with the so called Kimberly is happening around with many .Also she was not interested in me or in befriending me and socializing with me , but she was interested in the society I am a part of , and to which I would serve as a stepping stone.
The thing is that lady Kimberly succeeded for a long time in cheating me into believing that she was the Muslim devout lady by excellence,and who supported both the Hizbullah in Lebanon and the Islamic revolution in Iran . I respected the so called lady and believed her to live in great religious austerity, i defended her and listened to what she said in accordance with the kind of aura she was spreading around her.
Mind you I am not the only one susceptible to this image projected by devout people in general and many have the tendency to look and treat with awe God fearing men and women even if they are not themselves religiously oriented , so you can imagine the number of people who could be thus cheated . The internet is definitely not a transparent medium ,you cannot see the people in their proper context , like someone may be preaching about Islam on the internet while sitting in a bar and drinking alcohol , how would you know? The only connection with Kimberly was through fb where everything is virtual and hidden.
This story lasted until one day when I discovered something that left me puzzled and that was that our lady was siding with one sect of Islam against the other causing an unnecessary argument on the post ; when I raised the issue trying to get her final stand about this important matter the lady decided she did not want to continue the discussion but also together with Catherine Myles decided I was no more useful to them .So I received -along with others- her answer in the form of several four letters words and other words as well that I refrain from reproducing here and many threats and foul language that she seemed to be fluent at . No need to tell you that I was left speechless as if I received a cold shower ; my austere pious lady has turned into something else that shared nothing with the original one . This is when I knew that I was really cheated .


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