Muslim victim of JDL-Iranian monarchists' hate crime assault ends in hospital


June, 2013
In picture on the left, Iranian monarchists surround Zahoor Hyder assaulting him repeatedly. Because of injuries, he had to rush to hospital for emergency treatment. Police have identified the culprits and charges are being laid
Toronto, Crescent-online
Zahoor Hyder, victim of a hate crime assault on June 2 ended in hospital because of his head injuries. The hate crime assault occurred when hundreds of Muslims were gathered at the Islamic Society of York Region to commemorate the passing away of Imam Khomeini. A bunch of JDL and Iranian monarchist thugs assembled outside the Society’s premises to protest the event, attacked Zahoor and Siraj Ali.
During speeches a number of speakers not only used foul language against Muslims but also incited the mob to hatred and violence. Meir Weinstein, who has gained notoriety for his Islamphobic rants, said Muslims assembled in the Society’s hall should be “eradicated from Canada.”
While there were some police officers on duty, a few volunteers from the Islamic Society also stood at the entrance gate to prevent the mob from entering the Society’s private property. Despite the verbal abuse and hate filled messages directed against them, the Muslim volunteers did not respond in any way and stood there silently to ensure these hooligans did not trespass on private property.
Zahoor Hyder who was filming the event came out to film the unruly mob as well that became even more abusive when they saw him. First, the mob intensified their verbal abuse and escalated their hate filled messages and then a group of them rushed Zahoor knocking his camera from his hand. As the mike fell to the ground and he was about to bend down to pick it up, one of the Iranian monarchists using the placard stick struck him really hard on the head. He doubled with pain and others rushed to hit him on his hand and back. He was struck repeatedly before the police came to rescue him and lead the mob away to its designated place.
The monarchists and their JDL allies were specifically told by the police to stay on the opposite side of the road from the Society property yet they repeatedly blocked the road preventing motorists from getting through.  A number of them hurled stones at Muslim volunteers while cursing and abusing.
Siraj Ali who went to Zahoor Hyder’s rescue also sustained injuries. Zahoor’s injuries, however, were more serious. He told Crescent International that he was unable to sleep the whole night because of the pain in his head and arm. The following day, he suffered dizzying spells at work and was extremely uncomfortable throughout the day. He barely managed to stay at work.
The next day when he went to work, he (Zahoor) was in such bad shape that he had to take time off and rush to the hospital. While at the hospital, his nose started to bleed. He was treated in the Emergency department and after stabilizing his condition was told to take complete rest and not go to work. He was also told that should his condition deteriorate further or that he suffers fainting spells or begins to vomit, he must immediately return to the emergency department.
As of this report, Zahoor Hyder is reported to be in stable condition although the pain in his head and arm is intense.
Following the assault, additional police were called to the scene to prevent the mob from attacking others. The following day, Iranian monarchist blogs as well as pro-zionist websites gleefully reported the “great success” of their protest. The police have been able to identify the assailants and charges are being laid against them.
Crescent International has learned that Reza Pahlavi, son of the US-backed dictator Raza Shah, was in Toronto the same day for an “invitations only” dinner to raise funds. He still harbors illusions that he will return to the peacock throne with the help of his western masters. Perhaps his supporters and admirers wanted to present him a gift by attacking peaceful Muslims at an event commemorating the anniversary of the late Imam Khomeini (ra). These hooligans and their Zionist JDL allies are the real threat to Canadian safety because of their violent nature.

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