Muslim Brotherhood charm offensive in D.C. and NYC masks their real intentions



“Hudaibiya” – Islamic practice of lying to Infidels -Hudaibiya is a truce Mohammad made with a certain Jewish tribe of Banu Quraizah, wherein Mohammad ordered Muslims to lie to the Jews and say they renounced Islam so they could infiltrate as spies, and setup and ambush to break the truce. —

by Eric Dondero

A case of telling the infidels exactly what they want to hear, with a little sugar on top?

From WaPo, “Muslim Brotherhood officials aim to promote moderate image in Washington visit” April 3:

Members of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood began a week-long charm offensive in Washington on Tuesday, meeting with White House officials, policy experts and others to counter persistent fears about the group’s emergence as the country’s most powerful political force.

With its rise, however, have come concerns from Egypt’s secularists as well as U.S. officials that the Islamist group could remake the country, threatening the rights of women and religious minorities. Such fears were only exacerbated by the Brotherhood’s recent decision to field a candidate in upcoming presidential elections, despite previous pledges that it would not do so.

In meeting with U.S. officials, Brotherhood representatives were expected to depict the organization as a moderate and socially conscious movement pursuing power in the interest of Egyptians at large.

“We represent a moderate, centrist Muslim viewpoint. The priorities for us are mainly economic, political — preserving the revolution ideals of social justice, education, security for the people,” Sondos Asem, a member of the delegation, said Tuesday in an interview with reporters and editors of The Washington Post.

Awww, isn’t she so cute? Nothing like the image of meanie Muslims presented by the American right

At least the Post was a little skeptical. But ultra-liberal CNN bought it all, hook, line and sinker.

From CNN, “The Muslim Brotherhood comes to America”:

Sondos Asem has butterflies, formulating answers to questions she expects to be asked and practicing her diction with the devotion of a high school debate champion. The gentle 24-year-old graduate student at the American University in Cairo is in a hotel room in downtown New York, figuring out what to wear on national television. (“This blazer would look good, right?” “Should I wear more color?”)

This week, Asem and five members of the Brotherhood are in New York as part of the group’s first delegation in the United States, the face the Brotherhood thinks perhaps would be well received in the West. Asem is part of a worldly, urban generation. She shops at Egypt’s flashy mega-malls. She brushes her eyelids with a modest dash of sparkly eye shadow and wears designer head-scarves. She has an affinity for cosmopolitan cities and uses American teen parlance like “You rock” and “Yeaaah, girl.” She seems very unlike the kind of person who has historically been loyal to the Brotherhood.

Crackdown on media to come…

And now this, from an Egyptian media source,, “Shater: Application of Islamic law is ultimate goal”:

Muslim Brotherhood presidential nominee Khairat al-Shater said Tuesday that the application of Sharia is his ultimate goal.

Shater said media outlets were one of the most dangerous tools used against the 2011 revolution and against Islamists in particular. He said state media should be improved by making room for honest media figures.

“I will rely on people of experience to help Parliament achieve that goal,” Shater said during a meeting of the Islamic Legitimate Body of Rights and Reformation, a moderate body of Islamic scholars, according to the group’s website, which quoted his remarks in a statement.

Shater is one of the Brotherhood’s pillars and its former deputy supreme guide. He acted as a vocal opposition figure under the rule of former President Hosni Mubarak. In April 2011, he said the group was preparing for the establishment of an Islamic government, which drew criticism from secularists and Copts who oppose the idea of a religious state.

Let’s not forget there’s $3 billion in foreign aid money at stake. All of which would be in serious jeopardy with a Republican president, and a Republican-held House and Senate.

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