Mursi vs Mursi


by Daniel Mabsout

It was meant this way and it was no accident. It was meant for the Spring to lead to another Spring and for the other Spring to lead to another one and so forth. It was meant that Egypt and the other countries that witnessed such events remain in one season and in one place. It was meant to be so. Otherwise what to expect from so-called Revolutions with no structure and no leadership ? What to expect from fake revolutions – in Egypt and elsewhere- partly manufactured on the internet and in the studios of al Jazeera? What to expect from a so-called revolution that had for its sole purpose the toppling of Mubarak or Ben’Ali ? No program, no vision, no plan: blind people leading other blind people, and we were supposed to celebrate the great Arab awakening while we were victims of sheer manipulations.
They anticipated the revolution that — like a child born before term — was unable to survive. They, the Intelligences Services of the world, anticipated and aborted what was expected to be real revolutions. The times were not for sudden changes, the times were for active awakening. Now chaos has prevailed and has set one part of the Egyptian people against the other part in a barren conflict that will bear no fruit. Mursi made the mistake of passing an unpopular announcement and — after acquiring credibility regarding the Palestinian issue and receiving praise from various Palestinian factions — there he goes now exposed and threatened to be stripped of all authority. People are rallying and demonstrating in front of the presidential palace to pressure the president, and thus seven of the president’s counselors have resigned.
One has difficulty taking a stand because the whole movement of protest seems to be out of focus even if it has clear verbal objectives. What is needed is to refocus on the main issue and to reorient the struggle in the direction that will unite all. Democracy and constitution and elections are not major issues in a country that is subject to US hegemony at all levels — whether political, economical or military — and is being infiltrated from all sides by dubious NGOs and other forms of foreign organizations; a country that lacks the minimal independence and autonomy and was forced to sign humiliating agreements with Israelis that leave great portions of its territories outside its own authority .
These conflicts over constitution, or announcement, or the like can only be relevant on the solid ground of independence, integrity and autonomy that Egypt lacks. A prisoner might improve the conditions of his incarceration , but will remain a prisoner despite all. This conflict between Egyptians is over trifles because, whether they abide by the new announcement or not, whether they acquire additional freedom or not, or adopt a new constitution or not , still they cannot deploy their army in Sinai or have an independent army or an independent economy upon which to start meaningful reforms and achieve real change.
This order of priority should be respected and the major step should be taken in order to reorient this whole conflict among Egyptians toward the Israeli/Arab conflict by exposing all the shameful agreements with Israel, gaining gradual independence from the US and start building an independent economy. This reorientation of the struggle towards the major issue will take care of all the present discord and will unite gradually the Egyptians around a righteous cause that is common to most if not all. Otherwise the society will be doomed to undergo eternal “springs” and will enter the vicious circle of replacing the civil rule by the military and vice versa until the society is totally drained because what Uncle Sam has in store for these unhappy springs is utter chaos and total disintegration under the false garb of freedom and democracy.

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