More than one in four skipping meals in UK due to rising costs of living

Posted by; John Phoenix

Freeganism to some, bin diving to others, Libby Russell explains why she  eats out of bins | Daily Echo


Central banks have come up with a solution to student obesity.

Rising bills have meant one in four people have resorted to skipping meals, according to a survey of more than 2,000 Britons.

More than four in five are concerned about the rising cost of living in the coming months, according to the Ipsos poll conducted exclusively for Sky News.

Data also show that slightly more people were concerned about the country as a whole, rather than themselves, when it comes to coping with increasing financial pressure.

Now schools could be forced to cut meal portions or use cheaper ingredients: Leading wholesaler warns canteens face ‘difficult decisions’ amid soaring food inflation as M&S chief says prices may rise by up to 10%

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