More Than 77% of Brazilians Disapprove of Coup Leader Temer

  • Coup-imposed President Michel Temer has abysmal approval ratings.
    Coup-imposed President Michel Temer has abysmal approval ratings. | Photo: EFE
Brazilians are unhappy about the country’s economic woes, austerity measures and an ongoing corruption case where Temer is implicated.

More than three of every four Brazilians disapprove of Senate-imposed President Michel Temer, a new poll confirmed Friday.

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Temer, who was imposed after a parliamentary coup against elected President Dilma Rousseff, has a disapproval rating of 77 percent in December, the Ipsos Institute reported.

The latest numbers represent an 18 point drop in approval from October, while the approval rating for his government also dropped 10 points during the same period.

According to the director of Ipsos and head of the research, Danilo Cersosimo, the increase in disapproval for the beleaguered politician is a combination of dissatisfaction with government’s responses to the country’s economic woes as well as the reforms’ agenda proposed by Temer, including unpopular austerity measures.

Temer and his allies also continue to be embroiled in the Lava Jato anti-corruption operation, which recently resurfaced after a U.S. court found executives from Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht guilty of bribing Brazilian officials to the tune of US$349 million.

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