More Jordanian Extremists enter Syria via Turkey

More Jordanian extremists enter Syria via Turkey
More Jordanian extremists enter Syria via Turkey.
Jordanian extremists groups have revealed that a number of Salafi militants have entered Syrian northwestern city of Aleppo through Turkey.

In an interview with Jordanian Newspaper of Alghad, the informed sources said at least 10 Salafi militants affiliated to the extremist groups of Jordan have entered Syria to fight against the army troops.

The entrance of militant groups to Syria through Turkey came following the all-our security measures adopted alongside the southwestern border city of Daraa, which has already made impossible the infiltration of Jordanian militant groups to Syria.

The informed sources also confirmed the existence of at least 400 Jordanian Salafists in Syrian who are mostly congested in Daraa. They also verified that at least 40 militants have been killed in their clashes with Syria army yet.

More than two years into the start of the Syria crisis, the emergence of different extremist militant groups in the Arab country alarms the Syrian people as well as the international community.

A plan the Pentagon has been provided by the so-called ” free Syrian Army”, and published in the Washington Post, offers a simple classification of the armed groups, their numbers and inclinations.

According to the Washington Post, the protraction of the Syria crisis only complicates the situation on the ground as more militant groups join the conflict, acting of their own accord and in defiance of the Free Syrian Army and other militias.

The militants, mostly extremist Sunnis, openly disapprove of West-dwelling opposition figures. This has forced countries such as Jordan, which initially voiced strong support for the armed struggle against the Assad government, adopt a more cautious position now, avoid explicit support for the militants and even warn of a possible spillover of al-Qaeda-linked terrorism in the region.

The West and Damascus both state that large numbers of foreign nationals, including Europeans, have entered Syria – from some 40 countries across the world – to fight alongside anti-Assad militants.


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