Military Headline News: Wrongful Foreclosures on Mil Fam, Nukes for Cyber Attack


Military Headline News

* Remember when US troops were supposed all but leave Afghanistan in 2014? Well, that seems a distant memory now.
Just this week the top American commander in the Middle East told congress he believes nearly 20,000 US and NATO troops to stay in Afghanistan for the foreseeable future.
* A Pentagon think-tank pulls no punches when it comes to responding to an attack on our computer networks.
The Defense Science Board said the US should be prepared to use a nuclear weapon if struck by a huge cyber attack.
* A big sorry from big banking to 700 military families wrongly forced from their homes during the housing crisis.
Financial giants Bank of America, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo foreclosed on military families. In some cases while the service member was on the front lines.
Banks were supposed to get a court order before foreclosing on active duty personnel. That didn’t happen.
Rick Rogers, Military Headline News.

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