Military Headline News: $60B Blown on Iraq Projects with Little to Show, Caregivers on Own


Military Headline News

Rick Rogers, Military Headline News


  •  You sure don’t get much for $60 billion anymore.

That’s what John Q. Public spent construction projects in Iraq during 10 years of occupation.
But what did all that bread buy us?
Not nearly enough, concludes the final report on Iraq reconstruction.
Oh, in case you were wondering, the U.S. has sunk $90 billion — that’s 90 large — into in Afghanistan.

  • Know all those high-energy drinks in those day-glow bottles that promise to get you through the day?

Well, a senior military doctor worries about their caffeine levels wants them banned from bases.
According to one study, about 45 percent of combat troops drink at least one energy cocktail a day; and 1 in 7 drink three or more.

  •  Here is a sobering report. Possibly a million Americans are caring for husbands, sons and daughters wounded while serving their country. Yet, they have few resources and no national strategy to help them along. This according to a new RAND Corp. findings.


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